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       Hi, everybody! Welcome to Deadly Reads Monday’s addition. This is going to be an exciting week as we prepare for Sunday’s Emmy Awards. We are super excited about our Founder and CEO, Linda L. Barton being involved with the Emmy Awards show this year! Her book, Next Move, You’re Dead, Trilogy will be one out of one hundred books that will be given as SWAG this year! It’s very exciting and we wanted to start this celebration week off by allowing you, the reader, to get to know Deadly Reads Founder just a little bit better. So, without further delay, let’s start the interview.


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             Just a reminder, Linda operates a page of facebook, Book Trailer Theater, where she spotlights Authors. If  you’re an author and have created a book trailer, go by and let them know so they can add your trailer to Book Trailer Theater’s list of trailers on YouTube, which can also be linked to the Book Trailer facebook page.

          Bio:  I’ve done many different things in my life from working as a hair stylist, claims processor, to driving a Peterbilt Truck across the United States with my husband, Bob.

I published my first book, Next Move, You’re Dead in March of 2011, and after of hours of arguing with the voices in my head, I now have five published books. While I never dreamed that I would be able to call myself an author, I must say that it has turned into one of the highlights of my life. I look forward to writing the stories that pull a reader in, and holds them captive until the last page.

Writing is a passion that has filled my life with so many rewards. I love interacting with the readers, and hearing what they want in a book. They have taught me how to be a better writer, and for that I am truly grateful.

Bob and I live in a quiet little community in southeast Texas with our two dogs, and one crazy cat. Over the years, I have learned that life is an adventure, and to appreciate all the blessings it brings.


               DR:What genre(s) do you write?

               Thriller/Suspense and now Paranormal Thriller

               DR:  What got you started in writing?

            I have enjoyed the art of storytelling from a young child.  However, it wasn’t until my own children were grown and out on their own when I finally acted upon that love of writing.  One day when my husband Bob and I were driving to Ft Irwin in California to deliver a load of military frieght, Bob turned to me and said, “I have an idea for a book.”  After 5 hours of plot developing, my debut novel Next Move, You’re Dead and the first book of the Next Move, You’re Dead Trilogy was born.


             DR: Can you give us a synopsis of Next Move, You’re Dead? And, please share with us what your plans are for the series.

Next Move, You’re Dead is the story of a truly twisted villain who enjoys “toying” with people’s lives in what he refers to as The Game.  First, he chooses a person who he calls The Tracker, to be his opponant in The Game.  The Tracker is usually a Police Detective and over time is made to face their faith in not only the evidence they have always trusted, but also to question their own reality.  Nothing is what it appears in The Game.  Life after life destroyed as The Game progresses, leaving it up to The Tracker to discover the true meaning of The Game before it’s too late for not only the unsuspecting “pieces” used in The Game, but also to save themselves from certain doom.


Next Move, You’re Dead has several exciting things ahead for it.  The audiobook version will be available soon on Amazon, ACX, and iTunes.  It will be enrolled in Amazon Select, and a Goodreads giveaway is in the works where the lucky winners with get a signed copy.  I will also be offering a signed copy of the Limited Edition 2013 Emmys VIP Swag Bag book, Next Move, You’re Dead-The Trilogy on the DeadlyReads website beginning Sept 22nd through Oct 1st.

               DR: That sounds very exciting, Linda. It sounds as though you’ve really been busy. Now, we’d like to switch gears a bit and have some fun discussing Next Move, You’re Dead. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.


              DR:Favorite character in Next Move trilogy?

              Why the Master Manipulator himself, Erebus.


               DR: Favorite scene(s) in Next Move, You’re Dead.

             Erebus, as always good for setting a scene with his dastardly ways.


             DR: Okay, Linda, now I want to ask Erebus a few questions. Hi, Erebus, I’d like to first ask what’s your favorite color, Erebus?

             My dear, why would my favorite color matter?  But if you must know, I am a bit partial to green.

             DR: I just want the readers to get to know a little bit about you.  So, what is your favorite leisurely activity, Erebus? 

              Playing The Game, of course.

              DR: Of course, it is. How silly of me to think you might have other interests. (whispering to audience), Okay, Erebus is looking at me in a strange way, so I’m not so sure bringing him on was such a good idea; shivering) Lisa refocuses on Erebus.

             DR:  Erebus, do you have a  motto about life? 

             Motto, what a strange question.  I guess I would say, “Never trust anything or anyone, for reality is never what you believe it to be.”

               DR: Yes, I’d have to agree with you. Now, What would you like to share about yourself, Erebus?

               My dear, I share nothing.  I leave that to Linda L Barton.

               DR: Hmm, right, okay. Erebus, what do you think of Linda L. Barton? 

                She is simply a useful “piece” in The Game.

               DR: (shivering at the looks Erebus is giving her) Okay, well, I think that’s all the questions I have for you, Erebus. Thanks for coming by and talking with me. Linda, Hi, again! Boy, I’m glad that guy is gone; he gave me the shivers. I can tell you right now, I never want to be a part of his game! So, Linda,  back to you, how many books have you written?


                  DR:Where do you see your self in five years? 

                  I see myself writing my books and growing as an author.

                  What suggestions/advice  Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, and never be afraid to reach for your dreams.

                  DR: Again, thanks for the interview, Linda. Hey guys, remember today we’re hosting a contest today at 2:00pm Central time, so come by the our official twitter page and our facebook for details. Have a great day. And come back here tomorrow for part two of Linda’s interview where we’ll be talking about Deadly Reads Publishing company. You won’t want to miss part two. Hope to see you this afternoon and tomorrow for Linda’s part two interview.

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