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Hi, everybody! We are excited to be back today with part two of Founder and CEO of Deadly Reads, Linda Barton’s interview. Hi, Linda, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us again. Today, we want to discuss Deadly Reads and your plans for it. Shall we begin?

           DR: What is your official title at Deadly Reads?

           Founder and CEO of Deadly Reads and Author

           DR: What are your plans for Deadly Reads Publishing?

  Where do I start?  I see Deadly Reads growing into a publisher that offers the reader quality books.  I plan to have numerous promotions to help each author know success and with hard work be able to call themselves a Best Selling Author.  I believe that each Author who signs on their books with Deadly Reads are partners and together we can grow.


             DR: Are you currently seeking Authors for Deadly Reads?  Any particular genres specifically being sought?

             As of now, I am accepting submissions and open to most genres.


             DR:  Where do I submit my book? 

             Go on and use the Manuscript Submission link for more information.

             DR: How did you begin this journey to start a publishing company? 

           Having been an Indie Author myself, I understood the difficult time it was to have a publisher look at your work.  So, I decided to start a publishing company that would be open to looking at not only published Indie Authors, but someone who is ready to publish their first book.  You never know when you may find another “Harry Potter” from an unknown author.


            DR: What are your plans for the Authors at Deadly Reads?  

          I plan to promote each book, and do my best to see that it makes it into the top 100 of Amazon books for a start.  Then my next step is to get each book on the books shelves of major bookstores, as well in audiobook.  Digital books are nice, but there’s a huge audiobook audience out there clamoring for great books.  My book, Next Move, You’re Dead is due to be released in audiobook soon, and I look forward to getting the rest of the  Deadly Reads books made into audiobooks as well.


            DR: How will you promote each Author? 

           I have many plans for promoting the Deadly Reads authors.  From using Amazon Select, Goodreads, and numerous radio and online promos.  I also plan on getting several of the Deadly Reads books involved in the 2014 promo campaign like Next Move, You’re Dead-The Trilogy was this year as a 2013 Emmy VIP Swag Bag Kindle Fire eBook.  It’s very exciting what is in the works for next year.


DR: Where do you see Deadly Reads in five years? 

As a publishing company that is offering the works of several talented and Best Selling Authors.


DR: What advice would you give a very new author who is considering publishing choices? 

Believe in your work, and contact Deadly Reads to see if we can help you make your dreams come true.

DR: Why is Deadly Reads different from other publishing companies? 

Being new to this and not wanting to follow the normal mold, Deadly Reads will always be Writer Friendly, with the best interests of the writers as the number one goal.  Deadly Reads will never be a normal Traditional publisher because I know what it’s like to be on the other side of “the desk.”

DR: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? 

Deadly Reads may be small now, but over time with patience and hard work I believe it will grow into a publisher that authors will be proud to call home.

Linda, thank you so much for this wonderful interview. 

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