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drnewpicLast week was a busy, eventful, and successful week for Deadly Reads.  Founder and CEO Linda L. Barton, was fortunate enough to have her book, Next Move, You’re Dead, Trilogy involved with this year’s Emmy Awards show as 1 out of 100 books on the Kindle offered as SWAG. Every attendee of the show received a free kindle, so it’s an exciting time for Linda and Deadly Reads. Congratulations, Linda! There was a giant Kindle display in the front lobby of the awards show, which displayed the covers and names of each author and book represented.

Last week was our first week to appear on the social sites. We started a blog, which currently has 7 followers. We started a Facebook fanpage, which now has 189 wonderful people who welcomed us there. Amazingly, we have 3, 749 friends on Twitter! And those numbers are just for our first week! We did very well last week and we know with time, we will continue to grow, and we’re excited about that! We hope you’ll stick around and grow with us.

We currently have two authors signed with Deadly Reads Publishing. Linda L. Barton, and Lisa Vandiver. For more information on each author, please go to our website.  We are currently accepting submissions from all genres. If you’re interested, please drop us a line at

We currently have some fantastic plans in the works. For now, all I can tell you is that those plans include short stories for the blog, an anthology which will have one short story from each author, and some contests. So, please look for coming announcements and news in the weeks ahead.

We hope you have a grand week and remember, fall in love with a character!

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