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Hello, and welcome to Deadly Reads Blog. We are pleased to announce three new releases from our authors, Linda Barton and Lisa Vandiver. Linda and Lisa have worked tirelessly to get these new releases out and so we hope you’ll check out their new works.


Hellfire’s Judgment is a Dramatic Suspense that can be found at Amazon. It can be found at most  other ebook outlets as well.  It is also available in print.

A simple trip to the supermarket starts a chain of events that begins with the violent rape of an innocent thirteen-year old girl. This act of violence forces a family to face the difficult decision of whether to pursue justiceagainst the member of a powerful local family, or remain silent as so many others have in the past.

Clay Jefferies has never been a man to walk away from a fight. However, after the acquittal of the man who raped his granddaughter, he finds himself forced to protect his family in the only way he knows how. If you kill the man who brutally raped your granddaughter, is it murder or justice?

What Readers are saying about Hellfire’s Judgment: Read more reviews.

“The author draws you into this story so much that you feel like you’re in the story.”~Starchild

“This is a well written story about turmoil and fear endured by a young lady…”~Haleakala

“This book grabbed me from the beginning and I was in love with the family.Let me start with wow! This book grabbed me from the beginning & I was in love with the family. They are your typical American family with everyday issues. The main bad guy character comes from wealth & corruption & was never taught right from wrong. His family made it look like he was never at fault and this family had had enough. When justice didn’t prevail due to more threats & corruption, grandpa stepped in. And as a grandmother myself I applaud his method. Well written, gripping, an immediate hit. I read it in a day because I couldn’t put it down!  “~Sandi C.


Sheriff Bunny and theSheriff Bunny Lucky Horseshoe is a children’s book.  It is book 1 of the Happy Farm Series, and can be found at Amazon in ebook and print.
Lightning, the horse lost his Lucky Shoe while visiting his friends, and Sheriff Bunny helps him find it with the help of his barnyard friends.

This is a story of friendship and helping each other.

What readers are saying about the story. Read all the reviews.

“I am a happy country  granny with this find.”~Glenda

“I read this book to my kids and they loved it. It was beautifully illustrated and my kids loved that they could recognize all of the characters.”~Starchild




Mystic Mist is a YA Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Sci-fi, and Adventure story. If you liked Twilight, you’ll be interested in this story.  It is the first book in the New Breed Series. It can be found at Amazon, Smashwords, and other on-line stores, as well as Amazon in print. 

Mystic Mist is now in pre-order status at Amazon until October 1.

A mysterious mist descends upon the earth, bringing with it deadly creatures from another world. While hiking in the woods near the small New England town of Tonospon, Erich Keenton discovers Iseabail Craighe, who has been transported to earth by the mist. Will they survive or will they perish? Join them in this exciting YA fantasy adventure story as they battle these creatures for their survival, and become the first line of defense for earth. Aided by the mystical woodland fairies, they might just have a chance. Mystic Mist is the exciting first installment in the New Breed Series.
What readers are saying about Mystic Mist.  Read more reviews.
“Vandiver has given us the next great series that could rival Twilight and harry Potter…”~Eagle
“This is just the kind of book every young adult reader will love! Mortality meets gripping suspense!”~Ron Knight
“Mystic Mist was one of the most interesting books I’ve read in a long time!!! …I found myself engaged and literally, I could not put it down… As we are introduced to each character, good or evil, Lisa brings them to life….they are so real in our minds. It took real talent to create the mystical world of Carasylia…as the reader you could easily visualize it in your mind.” ~Susan Newman
You can find out more about Linda and Lisa  and the other great stories they have to offer you at Deadly Reads.

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