Journey Into The Night with Mike Pettit



Tonight we are excited to interview Author Mike Pettit.Mike Pettit has been writing professionally for 8 years. He is an acclaimed best-selling indie novelist. He is the author of 22 novels, 2 indie author self-help books, several suspense action thriller series, 2 classic westerns, and numerous short stories.
Several of Pettit’s books have been #1 bestsellers on Kindle, and were previously sold in bookstores across the nation before he established himself as an independent author and publisher. He attends writing and author conferences around the country throughout the year, and is available as a guest or featured speaker at major industry events.
His Key West Series has had the attention of Hollywood and was optioned.12182732_10203789363693933_5259116038975364943_o
After an adventurous thirty-year career in the China Trade, he settled in the Florida Keys and traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean Sea diving, treasure hunting, adventuring, and writing about his exploits.
We are looking forward to getting to know Mike better and hear of his many adventurous exploits as well as learn more about his stories. So join us tonight on Deadly Reads Radio show, Journey Into The Night at 10:00 pm CST for a night of fun with Mike Pettit.


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