Prolific Writer and TV and Film producer Carol Hovsepian


We, here at Deadly Reads Radio are thrilled to bring to you FilmMaker/Producer/Director Carol Hovsepian. 

Carol is the lover of stories who was destined to become a filmmaker and writer. She made her first 8mm film at 8-years-old about a day in the life of a tadpole, and her love of film took off from there.  12122438_10203772981004376_2703219809916660631_n

Carol has also taught screenwriting, video game content and various film classes and workshops at UCLA, USC, UC Riverside, UC Berkeley and ITT Tech as well as the Los Angeles Unified School District where she also helped build a film and video production program for our future filmmakers.

She hasn’t stopped teaching. Her passion for quality, visual and memorable writing continues with her Consulting Services where she has an uncanny ability and perceptive vision that helps writers make their writing the best it can be for a sale or option, whether it be in novel or screenplay format. Perhaps that’s why she’s been hired to rewrite many screenplays and edit novels.

Carol Hovsepian has been in the film business since 1984, starting as an intern for Hickmar Productions based at Warner Bros. That led to her experience in Casting for their movies. She then worked at Columbia turned Sony Pictures and learned from the best: Amy Pascal before moving on to Miramax and Harvey Weinstein, overseeing development of projects and consultant on foreign distribution choices. Carol has always been a prolific writer and successful TV and Film producer with her own slate of projects in the works at her Los Angeles-based company, La Moog Productions, Inc.  Pre-Production work.

Carol is currently prepping for the production of her script, MIDSUMMER MADNESS, a contemporary Shakespeare rom-com.

Join us Thursday evening, March 24, as we spend the evening chatting with Carol, and delving into her world at 10 pm CST (11 eastern, 9 mountain, 8 pacific)

Use this link to listen to the show and call (646) 668-2716 to speak with Carol.


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