Author and Playwright Janelle Meraz Hooper


We are ecstatic about having Award Winning Author, Janelle Meraz Hooper  with us. Show. You can call in and speak with Janelle at (646) 668-2716. Blog –

13139124_585314851637174_149607375161503654_nJanelle is an award-winning women’s fiction author and playwright (Geronimo, Life on the Reservation) from Oklahoma, now living in Washington State. Her character-driven stories, delivered in a humorous writing style, are lightly enriched by her love of archeology, anthropology, and marine science. Writing on a variety of subjects, she is not a formula writer and gives each story its own identity. The author of eight published books, and many short stories, she is an avid supporter of WorldReader (Books for all!) and READS (Canada). Her books are available in Paperback Kindle, & Nook at, 10-03-14 10 stacked books, and other Internet bookstores.


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