Get To Know Author Kelly Proudfoot


13151531_1016633961738215_2724781317738932738_nThursday, May 12, at 9 pm CST, join us as we interview Fantasy/Erotic Author Kelly Proudfoot. Show link: You may call and speak with Kelly at (646) 668-2716.

Born in Melbourne, Australia with a heritage including Aboriginal, Chinese, French, and Welsh. Writing has always been her passion. When Kelly was little, she would write her own little books and staple them together. She even set up her own library, wrote out library cards and labels – then tried to make her brothers join. As a child, Kell loved to read Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway books, The Children of Green Knowe by Lucy Boston and The Railway Children – among many others. As she got older, Kelly began writing poetry but didn’t attempt to write novels until she was nineteen. She fell in love with the Beat writers, Angela Carter, Anais Nin and Henry Miller. Kelly has also read Kafka, Lovecraft/ She says she’ll read anything but romance novels. Ever since she can remember, Kelly has had hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations – sleep paralysis, and have been astral projecting from an early age. She has always been fascinated with dreams and love reading Jung and researching mythology. Kelly has been a Career Development Specialist since arriving in the US, then an HR Technician and since January 2016, she’s been a full-time Author and Freelancer. Her previous jobs include Personal Advisor, Indigenous Contact Officer, Union Delegate and Occupational Health and Safety rep at Centrelink (Social Security in Australia).



You can connect with Kelly via Twitter and Facebook; you can find out more about Kelly from her website. 

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