NEW LOGO 1  Success means different things to people. I’ve always regarded it as wealth, popularity and high positions in one’s field of work. But, is that the sole definition of Success? Doesn’t it flow deeper than one’s career? I think Success within the family is also something we all strive for as well. After all, we all want to provide for our families, raise mature, responsible children. If our children grow up into those things, then we’ve succeeded. Yes? Of course.

Today, as I reflect on the successes in my life, I see more successes than failures. No, I’m not wealthy, popular in my career as an Author. I hardly call it a career in fact, yet, I still boldly state, I’m successful as a writer and an author. How can I say that you may ask, since I’m not currently on the Best Seller’s List, or receiving a substantial income from the stories I write? My answer is quite simple. My daughter enjoys the stories I’ve written that I allow her to read. She enjoys the stories. I am currently sitting with her and reading to her from one of my stories, and she is immersed in the story and with the characters. When I ask her why she enjoys me reading my book to her, she smiles and says, “I like the way you pretend to be each character.” I was blown away by her compliment. Therefore, I count myself as successful. Other than my daughter, I do have a few other fans, and they seem to enjoy my story as well. No, they are not family members, but people whom I’ve never met, that say they like my books. I call that success. I love and cherish every reader that I have, and they are precious to me. Therefore, I call that success. Yes, of course, I’d like to be a best seller, with all of my books flying off the bookstore shelves, but as of this time, that is not happening. It is easy to become discouraged about the lack of readers. Let me not discount the readers that do enjoy my books, and look forward to the next installments. Thank you to the readers that follow me and are faithful to me. Thank you. I continue to write because of your encouraging words to me, and I’ll continue to write my stories for one fan, or for a million fans. It is what I do, and I count myself as successful.♥

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