And All the World Will Know


We are proud to present to our readers a treat from Author Stephen Thorn. Stephen is an American writer of Horror, Poetry, Science Fiction, and Erotica. Stephen says some of his favorite authors that influenced him were Stephen King, Richard Matheson, and Robert W. Service. To learn more about Stephen, please visit his official site.

final cover

In the gulf between the stars a behemoth mining ship sails towards home, but they are detoured to an alien world.  There they discover a being, last survivor of his race, who reveals to them a dark, monstrous secret that will change them for the rest of their lives.

We hope you enjoy Stephen’s offering to you. If you enjoy his story, please read more from Stephen at the following links.

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“The Unwelcome Kind of Tenants” in Shadow Tales (Vol. One)

“Case #24174K” in Asylum of the Ancient Ones

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