Imagination. It’s a wondrous thing. We utilize this powerful tool that our brain created every day whether we realize it or not. When we watch movies, read a book,  look at art, or listen to a song, we use our imagination to get lost in the story. As storytellers in the form of Authors,  Artists, Musicians, or Movie Makers, we certainly use our imagination to create the perfect experience for the reader/music lover/movie goer/art lovers. Without it, no story would exist. And would our world not be boring without this amazing tool? Would our world not be dull without all of the fantastic ways to entertain ourselves?

There are many ways other than the ones I mentioned that we can be entertained; so many that I cannot list them all. As a person who enjoys these things, I say thank you for your skill. I say to those who benefit from the work of those entertaining, the next time you enjoy a form of entertainment, be a book, movie, artwork, video game, or another form of entertainment not mentioned, think of the hard work that the creator put into it. Realize this person reached deep into their imagination and pulled out the best parts-simply to entertain you. And be thankful for their minds.

Imagination isn’t just for entertainment. Think about all the brilliant minds that have created things that have made our lives easier to live in this modern world.

To the creators, who use their imaginations every day, I say to you. Thank you. And please continue to stretch your minds, and use your imagination.

To anyone who has a story in their imagination but hasn’t released it yet. Do it. Let that story out in whatever form of entertainment you wish. The world is waiting for the joy of what you have to offer. Don’t be afraid, do what you have to do to set your imagination FREE.



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