Write What You Know

Write What You Know. When I was a new writer starting out, this bothered me quite a lot. However, as I continued growing as an Author, the idea became more clear to me. I know about love, loss,  struggles, victory,  defeats,  and many other experiences. From these experiences, I can utilize the knowledge in my fiction stories.

A part of me, my experiences from certain events in my life play a role in how certain characters are created; their tastes, their styles, etc… And that’s okay because I think it connects the author to the characters and their stories on a deeper level. As a result, the reader will feel the connection while experiencing the story.

Above all,  I listen to the voices of the characters while I write. This is where the Romantic  Suspense, Fantasy, Horror, and YA stories that I enjoy reading, and yes, writing are birthed.  I’d love it if you checked some of my stories out. And here’s Linda’s Amazon.   You just might find something you like.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.

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