Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

I have hundreds of story ideas literally in my head, probably more than I can write in my lifetime. But, that’s okay, I’ll jot the ideas down and leave them with my daughter. Perhaps after I’m gone, her creative juices will flow, and she’ll complete my stories I didn’t have time to finish. I’m sure she’ll put her own spin on them, making them incredible, entertaining stories. She is, after all, a girl after my own heart. She is a storyteller. Yes, I’m a proud mother.

Now, back to my original thought. Causing Creative Juices to Flow. I usually don’t have trouble with my creative juices. Most of the time when I begin a story, I can usually see the ending for it in my mind. I simply need to fill in the middle.  This is where I depend on my creative forces to guide me through.

To get my juices flowing, I sometimes listen to appropriate music that’s related to the genre I’m writing. For example, if I’m writing a Fantasy, I’ll listen to the theme music from certain Fantasy Genre movies while I write and before I know, I’ve got several chapters written.  This technique is the best way for me to get into my writing zone. I must admit, however, that at other times, I just need complete quietness, without the music, to write. I supposed it depends on the mood I’m in or the piece I’m writing.

Whatever it takes for you to fire up your creative juices, do it, and get that writing done.  I’d be interested to hear about what you do to get your Creative Juices Flowing.

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