The Woods Are Calling

The woods are calling, calling to you

but Mama’s told you to stay clear

Oh, but the voice is so welcoming

and quite full of cheer

The whistling in the wind

seemingly says go, it’ll be okay

there’s still left a bit of day

One step forward, then another

until you completely ignore the voice

of your dear, sweet mother

You enter the woods

You walk through the shadows mesmerized

by some unseen power until you realize

it’s dark, you’ve gone too far, and now you’re lost

Then you hear it, the faint cry of a wolf howl

you take a few more steps, you now hear a low growl

The night now surrounds you and you freeze with fear

as the beast snarls in your ear

The claws strike, blood, sinew, and the eyes of the beast

that’s taking your life is what you see

All because your sweet mother’s words you did not heed



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