Witch Watch

What makes someone a Witch? In legends, if one practices witchcraft or magic, then they were considered witches. In olden times, if you were found guilty of witchcraft, you were usually burned at stake.

When one thinks of witches, you often think of the old, bent hag, with a wart at the end castle-2027871_1280of her nose, and cackles freakishly. She is often depicted wearing a pointy hat, a long black dress or robe, magic wand on hand, with a broomstick nearby to travel. Their traveling companion will normally be a black cat.

Tituba; A witch?

In 1692 The daughter and niece of Reverend Samuel Parris began acting quite strange by throwing fits, falling on the floor and contorting their bodies into bizarre positions, and throwing things. When they were examined, the local physician could find nothing physically wrong, so naturally, it had to be a witch among them orchestrating these evil deeds. When questioned, the girls blamed a slave, Tituba for their behavior. She spun tales of voodoo and witchcraft to the girls. She later confessed to baking a Witch Cake, but later swore she was not a witch herself. She apparently had knowledge on how to ward off evil with spells and concoctions. Tituba was beaten and jailed during her trials, but later released. The remaining two women, accused with her, weren’t so lucky and were killed after found guilty of witchcraft. This event started the infamous Salem With Hunts which lasted for quite some time with many innocent men and women burned at stake as supposal witches.

The idea of Witches has been around since nearly the beginning of time. In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, the first mention of witchcraft marks the date of 560 B.C.

In Europe, between the years of 1482 and 1782, many people were accused of witchcraft and executed. Both men and women were of high and low society were accused.

With time, the ideas about witches have changed, and now one can openly proclaim to be a witch without fear of repercussions. My, we’ve come a long way. fantasy-2478380_1920

I did a complete study on Witches, but I haven’t placed all of what I’ve learned. I recommend you do a study of your own and assure you that it’ll be a most interesting one.

Every Fall, we celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, or better known as, Halloween. The celebration would not be complete without a few old hags flying around, looking for children to complete their Witches Brew, or someone to turn into a toad.

Have fun this All Hallows’ Eve, and watch out for those witches!





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