A Trick of the Light

Thunder rolls and lightning flashes

lights flicker, then abandons you

the darkness covers you as you stand in the dark

The lightning flashes once more

you see a figure by the kitchen doorspirit-2304469_1920

your heart pounds in your chest

as you hear footsteps drag across the floor

you try to run but your feet won’t move

The lights return and you see no one is there, and you sigh

it must have been a trick of the light

But was it? Have you ever had the little hairs on the back of

Have you ever had the little hairs on the back of your neck prickle for no apparent reason?

Have you ever walked into a room and fear consumed you out of the blue?

Have you ever gone somewhere new, but experienced De Ja Vu?

Autumn is here, and a time when magical things occur so don’t be shocked if you experience a little magic, a bit of haunting, or a slight chill. It’s Autumn after all.

Happy Autumn Season from

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