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Linda L. Barton Wins Gold

We are proud of Author Linda L. Barton for her win in the cover contest. Congratulations, Linda!

Saying Goodbye: The Christmas Gift – A Christmas Novella
Sometimes life doesn’t go in the direction we’ve planned for ourselves. Away in Medical School, Molly believed her life was on track. That was until she returned home for Christmas and learned her life was nothing she had always believed. As this surprising journey unfolds, Molly not only learns how to put aside the pain of her past but she finally learns how to say goodbye.

I assure you that the story is as lovely as the book cover.

You can read this beautiful Christmas Story at Amazon.

Finding the right Cover

Finding the right book cover is a hard thing to do sometimes as an Author. For me, I like the cover to tell a bit of the story, so I tend to stress over it repeatedly until I think I’ve found the image that represents near to perfection as the one I see in my mind.

My partner, Linda L. Barton and I have created covers for new and seasoned Authors who don’t want to create their own covers or don’t wish to pay expensive costs for them. We have created lovely covers from most genres and they are reasonably priced. So, if you are looking for a cover today, we’d love for you to take a look at Deadly Reads Author Services at what we have to offer.  Below are a few cover examples for you.

Let us know if  you’re interested in any of the covers by dropping us a line. Thanks. 

**New Release on Amazon for only 99 cents**


Death. Is it the end or merely a new beginning?
From a child, Shane felt as though at one time he had been someone else. His dreams haunted him with the memories of a different life and his death. Is there more than this life? Do our souls move on, or does our life-force cease to exist?
Sometimes in this life, our souls touch another, and we find ourselves helplessly drawn to them. This is a special gift, not to be denied. This is Heart Ties.

Get a great custom ebook cover

A while back we blogged that we were working on Premade ebooks covers to offer for sale on the Deadly Reads website.  Well, after HOURS and HOURS of work, we are excited to announce we have several great looking ebook covers available for several genres.

So, if you are an Indie Author, looking for the perfect cover to showcase your masterpiece novel, drop by and take a look.  We will also be adding more covers on a regular basis.  Our goal is to provide a quality cover that doesn’t break your budget.  We also do custom covers.

Great Things are Happening at Deadly Reads

We have some exciting things happening at Deadly Reads. The last few weeks we’ve been working hard on creating Pre-Made ebook covers to offer for sale on in our Author Services area. These will be for the Indie Authors who want a great cover for a bargain price. As Indie Authors, ourselves, we understand how expensive it can be to get a quality cover. Of course, we will be offering custom made covers as well.
Also, we’ve had requests to resume our Deadly Reads Radio shows. After leaving Blog Talk Radio, we had decided to take a break before resuming the show as a YouTube Podcast on our Deadly Reads YouTube Channel. Doing the shows was a true joy, and we look forward to spending some time with the wonderful guests wanting to join us on our new adventure in Podcasting.  We will let you know when our first show is available.
If you want to listen to our past shows, you can find them HERE. 

Introducing Deadly Reads Daily Series

NEW LOGO 1Hello, we’re pleased that you’ve dropped by today to see what’s new at Deadly Reads, and we do have something new for you. It is the latest page we’ve added and we think you’ll enjoy it. So, without further delay, I’m proud to introduce to you Deadly Reads Daily Series.

We will begin posting stories for you under the Daily Series page tab at the top. It may be a full-length novel or it may be a short story, but each day a new chapter will be introduced.

The first offering we’re introducing to you is from Lisa Vandiver, and it is a short seven chapters. It is a YA Horror story. The chief characters, Mark, Adam, James, Timmy, and Eddy decide to explore a graveyard on Halloween night. 17198339_10206680435848930_1116662851_n

So, sit back and enjoy Disturbing The Dead. Oh, you might want to read with the lights on.

Team John Joseph Quinlan Autograph Giveaway

2 - Hero-to-ObeyWe, here at Deadly Reads are thrilled to let you know about the Team John Joseph Quinlan Autograph Giveaway at Blushing Books Publications.  John is the face on their new box set  which is available as a preorder.  HERO TO OBEY  contains 22 *all-new* bdsm and spanking romance stories,  penned by authors, such as Alta Hensley,Renee Rose,Maddie Taylor, Sue Lyndon, Paige Tyler, Maggie Ryan, Maren Smith, Lee Savino, and many more!  For a limited time only, you can preorder it for ONLY 99 cents!

Hero to Obey: Twenty-Two Naughty Military Romance Stories is packed with ALL-NEW sexy novellas, penned by New York Times,USA Today, and international bestselling authors of BDSM romance.

Your hot, dominant military heroes are waiting—and they expect your complete submission.

Featured authors: Selena Kitt, Paige Tyler, Sierra Cartwright, Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Vanessa Vale, Desiree Holt, Abbie Adams, Tabitha Black, Zoe Blake, Bethany Burke, Alexa Day, Livia Grant, Yasmine Hyde, Isabella Kole, Cerise Noble, Kate Richards, Maggie Ryan, Lee Savino, Maren Smith, and Maddie Taylor.

Preorder Now! Release date: June 28, 2016

**$0.99 for a limited time only ~ An over $40 value!**

John J Quinlan and Jillian Bullock will be returning to Deadly Reads Radio on June 30th to discuss their upcoming movie, A Sense of Purpose: Fighting for Our Lives.  They will be discussing how our returning soldiers are suffering from PTSD and the problem with Sexual Assault in our Military.  You can follow the development of the movie on Facebook.

Spring at Deadly Reads

spring flowersSpring has arrived at Deadly Reads, and with its arrival, we have lots of things going on.
Author Lisa Vandiver will release a new book in her New Breed Series, Linda Barton is working on her second book in the Dragon’s Blood Key Series, and together, they are involved in an editing project.


12933127_572395122929147_4947739867852435328_nIn addition to their writing projects, they are also busy with the Deadly Reads Radio BlogTalk show, Journey Into The Night. You can listen to them interview guests involved in the Book Publishing, Movie, and Music Entertainment Industries on Thursday nights. The new time for the shows will be 9:00 pm CST unless otherwise announced.



This week’s show with Mike Pettit will be on at 8pm CST. We are so excited to have Mike back on Deadly Reads Radio. Mike refers to himself as Author, Writer, Novelist, Scribe, whatever. His alter egos, John Locke, Jack Marsh, Damian Wolf, Kimo Kanoa, and their pals live in his head 24/7, non-stop. They are like tracer rounds ricocheting around in his brain. He will say there are others like him out in the cyber world going through the same thing, but we here at Deadly Reads Radio consider Mike a rare jewel to be treasured. So join us on Deadly Reads Radio this Thursday night with Mike at 8 pm CST. Show link

In addition to all of the things  Linda and Lisa do, they are also active on social media.

On Facebook, you can find the Official Deadly Reads Page and the new group,  The Story Chest.


Inside the ‘Chest’, you can connect with fellow writers and get into lively conversations with them. We encourage writers to connect with readers and discuss the genres that you love. We also welcome Authors to promote their books with book trailers they’ve made. The list for Authors to share their genre each day are listed below:

Monday- Fantasy and Horror
Saturday-Mystery and Thriller

Deadly Reads Twitter is active as well, and we would love to connect with you there.

As for Authors Linda L.Barton and Lisa Vandiver, here are their individual links to each of their social sites:

Linda:   Twitter   Facebook   FREE STORIES   Amazon   The Ramblings of a Writer

Lisa:   Twitter   Facebook   Amazon   FREE STORIES   Lisa’s Place

We hope that you will join us for an entertaining month on the radio show, our social sites, and we appreciate it if you like us, to please share our pages and our radio show with your friends. From the heart of Deadly Reads, we wish you a fantastic Spring.


Lisa Vandiver’s New Book

We, here at Deadly Reads are always excited when one of our Authors releases a new book. Best Selling Author Lisa Vandiver now has her exciting Dark Fantasy Hellavey, the next installment in her New Breed Series available for Pre-Orders. The book is scheduled to release on April 17. If you enjoy an exciting Dark Fantasy, then this is a must-read for you.12548894_565425086959484_5403330256952473200_n
Pre-Order Hellavey on

A Reader’s Favorite Review of Hellavey–  Hellavey — Book two in the New Breed series by Lisa Vandiver – is so much more than a GRIPPING  FANTASY, VIVID descriptions, and Characters. TERRIFYING  tale of murder, desire, self-discipline, and sometimes out of control circumstances.
Though Hellavey is the second book in the series, it has enough background information that it can STAND ALONE.   The city of Tonospon, surrounded by forest and eerie but breathtaking caves, is the perfect backdrop for the flurry of ACTION that starts on the first page and lasts all the way through.  Read Complete Review

10624733_10201556651237517_581078405820527308_nIn Mystic Mist, we witnessed the Hellavey’s arrival in the New England forest and their fights with Erich Keenton and Iseabail Craighe.
In Hellavey, we will witness them as they settle into their nest. As the small clan of Hellavey settles in, their warriors will venture out, exploring the territory further-all the way into the unsuspecting town of Tonospon.
We will see humanity at its best and worse as the humans face circumstances out of their control. We will be introduced to alien creatures that make the human vampire. Quintus Blandius Renatus look like a mere child. We will be thrust into an adventure with two Detectives that have become involved with a case unlike any other. What happens when these detectives, the vampire, the Hellavey, and humans meet? Find out in this Fantasy Horror story that is full of marvelous creatures thought only as fictional characters, but come out vividly alive.

Mystic Mist, Book 1 in The New Breed Series is FREE on Amazon, so if you have not read it yet, go and grab yourself a copy on Amazon today. –