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Best of Deadly Reads Radio

We, here at Deadly Reads are proud supporters of Essure Awareness.  This is the first of our series of shows where women suffering from the Essure Birth Control Device called in and shared their stories with us.  Knowledge is power and we want to do all we can to help spread the news of the dangers of this product.

Halloween is coming to Deadly Reads Radio

With the start of Fall, our thoughts switch from playing in the sun to cooler days and, of course, Halloween.  At Deadly Reads Radio, we’re planning a special Halloween show where guests share their experiences with things that go bump-in-the-night. I know most of us have scary stories of unexplained encounters with beings or creatures that are not supposed to exist. Stories that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention as your skin tingles, and your body trembles with fear.

So, in the spirit of Halloween, we are inviting those of you who would like to share their story with us and our listeners. If you do not want to be on the show, you can submit your story in writing and if time allows, we will read it on the show. We would really like to have someone who is a paranormal investigator join us, as well.

We will be recording the show on Saturday, Oct. 21 at 1 pm CST. Then it will be uploaded to our YouTube channel by the following Monday.  If you are interested in being a guest and sharing your scary story with us, contact our Coordinating Director Lisa Vandiver at and she’ll get you set up with the call-in number.

Also we invite you to keep watch with us on our blog as we have some ghoulish posts planned for the All Hollows’ Eve celebration this month.

Doug Richardson Returns to Deadly Reads Podcast

Doug Richardson is an American Screenwriter and Novelist who specializes in Action Movies and Thrillers. You can learn more about Doug by visiting his website. 

We are excited to  have Doug back with us to talk about his latest installment of Lucky Dey Thriller, now available at Amazon.

You can listen to our show with Doug on our YouTube Channel.  As always, we shared a lot of laughs while we caught up with him.


9-11: A Day to Remember

The events of that day 16 years ago touched the lives and hearts of all Americans. We, here at Deadly Reads Radio, share our thoughts and where we were on the day that forever changed our country. Some may find our words offensive because we do not adhere to the rules of Political Correctness. Opinions are our own and were spoken from our hearts.

I was someone’s mother, sister, wife, daughter.
Don’t forget me.
I was someone’s father, brother, husband, and son.
We went to the towers that day
not expecting what was headed our way.
Some of us died instantly when that plane
crashed into the World Trade Center.
Death toyed with our lives, but, at least,
some of us were able to say our last good byes.
When 9/11 comes round again, hear my plea.
Please, don’t forget those who died, please don’t forget me.

Written by Lisa Vandiver