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Doug Richardson Returns to Deadly Reads Podcast

Doug Richardson is an American Screenwriter and Novelist who specializes in Action Movies and Thrillers. You can learn more about Doug by visiting his website. 

We are excited to  have Doug back with us to talk about his latest installment of Lucky Dey Thriller, now available at Amazon.

You can listen to our show with Doug on our YouTube Channel.  As always, we shared a lot of laughs while we caught up with him.


9-11: A Day to Remember

The events of that day 16 years ago touched the lives and hearts of all Americans. We, here at Deadly Reads Radio, share our thoughts and where we were on the day that forever changed our country. Some may find our words offensive because we do not adhere to the rules of Political Correctness. Opinions are our own and were spoken from our hearts.

I was someone’s mother, sister, wife, daughter.
Don’t forget me.
I was someone’s father, brother, husband, and son.
We went to the towers that day
not expecting what was headed our way.
Some of us died instantly when that plane
crashed into the World Trade Center.
Death toyed with our lives, but, at least,
some of us were able to say our last good byes.
When 9/11 comes round again, hear my plea.
Please, don’t forget those who died, please don’t forget me.

Written by Lisa Vandiver

Inspirational Author Vince Guaglione

We had a moving show with Vince Guaglione. He is a guy who asks lots of questions, not only of himself, but also of his society and the world around him. Although he claims he’s found no real answers, that hasn’t stopped him in his quest to gain perspective on a little something we call life. The untimely passing of his significant other in early 2012 set him on a two year journey of grieving and coping; one littered with many unexpected emotional roadblocks. As someone who enjoyed writing and keeping a journal in his formative years, he decided to dust off the old notebooks and re-engage in the practice of journal writing in order to help collect his thoughts and cope with his loss.

As he worked through the process, he decided to self-publish his journal entries in compilations. Thus was born The Narratives series of books.

With decades of journal writing under his belt, he compiled his knowledge of the practice in a short work, titled “From Thoughts To Written Words: Learn To Journal From The Soul.” This handy reference guide dives into the world of journal writing, and provides insight and guidance for anyone who wants to learn how to journal.

To see Vince’s full bio, you may visit his website and to take a look at his books, please visit his Amazon page.

Why do I write?

By Linda L Barton

Why do I write, you ask?  I’ve often asked myself that very same question.  The other day when I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a post by a fellow author.  She had announced that she was no longer going to write because she felt as though her career was going nowhere.  I cannot begin to tell you how sad that made me feel,  However, I must confess, I’ve felt that same sense of utter failure before myself.

Writing is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  You spend long hours sitting at your computer, creating what you hope will be the next great masterpiece. You then spend endless hours of rewriting, editing and rewriting some more before you feel it’s ready for the REAL editor.  Of course, while the Editor has your manuscript, the story haunts your mind with questions of the plot twists you should have added or deleted before handing it over to someone else.  No, writing is not for the weak of heart.

I know that each Author has their own stories of mistakes they’ve made.  We just need to realize that anything stupid we may have done will not be the death-nail for our writing careers unless we allow it.  When I had my meltdown over a huge mistake I made early in my writing career, my husband gave me to best advice.  He said to go on the reviews of a few famous authors and read their 1-star reviews.  He said if they can survive their mistakes, then so can I.  You know something, he was right.

I now live by the motto… My writing career is going to have highs and lows.  I will learn from the lows and enjoy the highs.  So, whenever I feel like the publishing world has kicked me in the teeth, just brush it off and soldier on! 

I now write for my MY enjoyment, and should others discover my books and enjoy them as well then that’s just the icing on the cake.  If the day ever comes where my books are read by millions I’ll enjoy the ride.  However, if my books are only read by a few I’ll still enjoy the ride.  You see, writing is my personal enjoyment.  I love developing characters that come to life on the pages.  I also love to invoke a wide range of emotions on the pages of my books.  I guess you can say that writing is my drug of choice.

So, back to where I started this post.  Several people commented on the Author’s Facebook post, trying to convince her not to give up.  I, for one, wish she just takes a little time off to recoup and try to remember what she LOVES about writing.  If her only goal was to be picked up by a publishing company and become a famous author then maybe her decision was the correct one.  However, if she started writing for the LOVE of writing then her decision should be easy.  Just write and not worry about anything else.

Deadly Reads Radio News

Bestselling Indie Author Mike Pettit returns to Deadly Reads Radio for an evening of informative and lively conversation. We are always thrilled when Mike drops by for a visit on Deadly Reads Radio.  He is a wealth of information about the Indie Publishing World with his tips on branding and marketing.

Mike is also a Bestselling Author of over 30 exciting action-packed crime novels, as well as books in the western genre and true life stories.

Mike’s show is now live on YouTube for your listening enjoyment.


It’s a Halloween Party!

This is the perfect way to end our one year Birthday Celebration for Deadly Reads Radio.  We are bringing back Brian Moreland for another evening of exciting and entertaining conversation about his spine-tingling novels, and the ones he has planned for fans of the Horror genre.

Show Link

We hope you’ll join us tonight Oct 27th at 9 pm central (10 eastern, 8 mountain, or 7 pacific) for an hour of lively and entertaining conversation.

Filmmaker/Actor Dan Coplan returns to Deadly Reads Radio

first-picture-for-showWe are so excited to have Dan Coplan returning to Deadly Reads Radio to let us know about his new and exciting projects.  We had such a good time chatting with Dan on his last visit, and we are sure it will be just as much fun this time.

Show Link

 We hope you’ll join us tonight at 9 pm central (10 eastern, 8 mountain, or 7 pacific) for an hour of lively and entertaining conversation.

Beware of The Shadow in the Bed

first-picture-for-showWeek 2 in our Deadly Reads Radio Birthday celebration brings us a night of frightening conversation.  This time, we will be chatting with Hector Pasillas who is currently in the final stages of Post-Production of his upcoming psychological horror feature film, The Shadow in the Bed.  So, leave on the lights and get ready for a great show.

Show link

We hope you’ll join us tonight at 9 pm central (10 eastern, 8 mountain, or 7 pacific) for an hour of lively and entertaining conversation.