Disturbing the Dead – Chapter 2

Adam turned to Mark, “Now, don’t you be scared. I’m right by your side. Do you want to follow them, or do you want to go look at the graves?”

Mark squared his shoulders while calming his breathing. “Since you’re with me, I wanna see the graves.”

Adam grinned, “I’ve been here lots of times looking at these old graves, but never at night, and never on Halloween.”

“Do ya believe in ghosts, Adam?”

Adam shrugged his shoulders, “I dunno. I ain’t never seen one, but I guess there’s a first time for anything, right?” Adam teased Mark as they approached the old iron gate sitting in front of the graveyard, separating it from the church building. “But, I didn’t come here to see ghosts, I just was curious to see what it looked like at night.”

Mark’s heart beat rapidly as he watched Adam unlatch the old handle and pushed the gate wide open, displaying the thick fog that floated through the graveyard. Patches of it lingered above some of the old tombstones. As the large iron gate swung back and forth, squeaking, it rattled Mark’s nerves further.

“C’mon, Mark,” Adam whispered, pointing the flashlight toward him.

“Okay,” Mark replied as he squeezed his flashlight tighter and held it against his chest, but pointed it to the graveyard as they entered through the gate.

They had just entered the graveyard when suddenly the gate slammed shut, narrowly missing them.

“AH!” Mark cried out as he pointed his flashlight toward the gate.

Adam chuckled quietly, “I’m not going to deny it; that scared me too.”

After the two had stopped laughing, they continued walking into the graveyard, stopping at nearly every grave, looking at the tombstones. Most of the tombstones did not have names, but only dates scribbled on them. As the two boys walked through the cemetery, they were careful not to step on the graves. Consumed with looking at the tombstones, each one began relaxing, thus releasing their fear.

continued tomorrow…