Disturbing the Dead – Chapter 3

Tim reached the church first and climbed the steps, causing them to squeak beneath his weight. He whispered to his friends after he stepped on the small church porch, “Oops, I broke a step.”

Eddy laughed, “Ooh, you broke a step, big deal.”

“I was just…”

“Oh, stop your whining, Tim, you’re starting to sound like my little brother,” James interrupted Tim as he passed Eddy and jumped up on the porch, skipping the steps altogether.

Eddy laughed as he mimicked James’ steps, passing Tim on the porch, looking angry at their teasing him.

James reached his hand toward the door when suddenly it slammed open and bounced hard against the wall. The sound it made as it swung resembled a squealing cat, causing Eddy and Tim to hold their breaths. James, however, jerked back in fright and fell against the railing, which caused his friends to laugh at him.

“Shut up,” he huffed at them when they passed him, entering the church. After calming himself, he followed them inside.

The boys walked across the squeaky wooden floor as they each moved in different directions, trying to find some hidden treasure.

Tim had walked nearly to the front of the church when he ran into a huge cobweb that stretched from one side of the church to the other. “Aye!” He shoved his hands out in an attempt to free himself from the web, but the more he fought, the more it wrapped around him. As he swatted the sticky web from him, he lost his balance and fell into a pew, while the others laughed.

“Oh, yeah, funny is it? Go ahead and laugh!” Tim groaned as he sat there catching his breath and pulling the threads off him. He then laughed with his friends.

“There ain’t nothing here to see, C’mon lets go,” Eddy pointed toward the back of the pulpit. “There’s a back door here. I bet it leads to the graveyard.”


All three boys stopped moving about when they heard the screams coming from the side of the building.

“Crap! What was that?” James asked.

“What’s the matter, are you scared?” Tim chuckled.

“Yeah, who’s scared now James boy?” Eddy chortled.

“My little brother is out there. If he gets hurt, I’m in serious trouble,” James cursed as he hurriedly opened the back door and walked out.

Eddy shot Tim a frown, “He’s right, we don’t need that little boy getting hurt, or we’ll all be in trouble.”

Tim shrugged his shoulder, “He’s a kid, and the wind probably just scared him.”

Eddy laughed, “Yeah, just like that web scared you,” He then turned and walked out the door.

Tim yelled at Eddy, “I’m going to kill you man if you tell anyone.”

I’m going to kill you, man.

Tim tried to stand to his feet, but now he could not seem to move. He groaned and shook his head as he yelled toward the back door, “Why are you repeating me, that’s so lame.”

Why are you repeating me, that’s so lame.

“Hahahaha, that’s so funny, Eddy, but now cut it out. I’m stuck, and I can’t get up, get your butt over here and help me.”

No help shall come

Tim cursed as he strained to look at Eddy, but it was then he realized Eddy was not in there. He turned his head and peered around the room, laughing slightly. “Okay, that’s real funny, but now it’s time for you to come help me get out. I’m stuck.” When nobody answered, Tim attempted to stand. He felt as if he was being held back by strong arms.

I’m going to kill you, man.

Tim stopped struggling and moved his flashlight through the darkness, but saw no one there. “Stop it, Adam, Mark, James! This is not funny anymore.”

Stop it Adam, Mark, James; it’s not funny anymore. The voice that echoed Tim’s words did not sound like any of his friend’s voices. It had become deep and mocking.

I’m going to kill you, man.

Tim caught his breath as he decided the voice sounded closer. “Eddy! James! Mark! Adam! I mean it, I have had enough. Come, help me.”

Eddy! James! Mark! Adam! I’m going to kill you, man. NO HELP COMES!

Suddenly, the voice now sounded as if it were next to him. Tim turned his flashlight in all directions but could not see anyone. Coldness filled the room glazing the glass in his flashlight over with ice. It was then that Tim heard heavy breathing, and he swallowed nervously as his heart raced. He slowly lifted his head upright and peered at the ceiling of the church. What he saw peering down at him, made his blood run cold. The Confederate Soldier with a drawn sword appeared to have a slit in his throat, and one eye was absent from its socket. The sight of the soldier with the drawn sword aimed toward Tim caused Tim to scream as the soldier ran him through the top of his head.

continued tomorrow…