Disturbing the Dead – Chapter 5

Mark awoke the next morning, hearing the cries of his mother coming from the living room. He jumped from the bed and hurried out of his bedroom. When he reached the front room, he saw Adam sitting on the sofa with his parents while Eddy and Tim’s parents sat in nearby chairs. As he searched the room further, his heart gave to fear after realizing that James, Eddy, and Tim were not with them.

“Mama, where is James?” Mark asked with anxiety building.

“Mark, son.” Mark’s father walked to Mark and placed his hand on his shoulder. “When was the last time you saw James, Eddy, and Tim?”

“We walked to the old graveyard last night together, but Adam and I went a different direction. We ran into Tim and Eddy later, and the four of us walked here. Tim and Eddy said that James had already left the graveyard. I’m not sure of the time.”

Adam looked at his parents and then the other boys’ parents, as his father said, “Jack, I’ve called the police and told them Adam’s story. They’re sending an officer out to the old church.”

Jack nodded as he grabbed his jacket and looked at his wife, “Marie, honey, why don’t you and the women stay here.”

Marie and the other women stood, withdrawn, yet with determined expressions as Marie replied, “We’re going.” Then, the women turned and walked out of the door. Jack looked at the other two men and frowned, “Let’s go.”

continued tomorrow…