Disturbing the Dead – Chapter 6

On the way to the old church, Mark had a bad feeling about James. He sat staring out the window, not saying a word, but simply eyed the sides of the road. When they arrived at the old church, a police officer pulled up behind them.

The officer got out of his car and approached everyone standing underneath a large Oak. “Hello, I am Officer Lonny Miller.”

After everyone greeted the officer, Jack explained to Officer Miller, “My son was here last evening, and he never made it home. These people’s boys were with him, and they never returned either.”

The officer frowned and cleared his throat. “Please remain here a moment.” Before he turned away, he gave Jack a sympathetic look.

Mark felt a lump in his throat as he looked at the old abandoned church. Suddenly he thought he saw a flicker of light coming from a top floor of the church, but then he blinked, and it was gone. He decided it was his imagination, and refocused on his parents and the officer. Mark watched the officer speak into a microphone attached to his radio, and he somehow knew he would not return to his father with  good news.

“Sir, I am going to take a look around. Why don’t you all remain here until I return?”

“Our sons are lost. This graveyard was the last place they were together. I’m not staying put,” Tim’s father, Grant, informed Officer Miller.

As they walked, Grant held his wife, Leslie, while Eddy’s parents, William, and Theresa followed them. Jack and Marie walked behind them with Adam and Mark bringing up the rear.

They walked a fair distance until they stopped at a broken down tombstone. The grave appeared freshly dug but uncovered.

Jack looked into the large grave and then cried, “James! No! My son that’s my son!”

Marie crumpled into her husband’s arms. He then heard the others scream and cry. “What happened to them?” Grant asked as he held Leslie in his arms.

“Look at their expressions; something terrified them!” William groaned.

Officer Miller shook his head. “There doesn’t appear to be any visible marks on them, I see no blood, ah, nothing which looks like a weapon, nothing.” The officer grasped his radio and called into his headquarters. “We have three bodies in a large open grave.”

He turned back and then said, “I need you all to clear the area while I tape it off.”

The men pulled themselves back together as they gently led their wives to two old benches not far from the large grave which held their dead boys.

continued tomorrow…