Disturbing the Dead – Chapter 7

While Mark stood behind one of the benches, a bright reflection caught his eye from a full-length window on the top story of the church. When he focused on the window, he gasped. There stood a little girl in a pale green dress, holding a doll, and sucking her thumb. As Mark looked at her, he noticed that a gaping hole appeared in her stomach area. “Adam!”

Adam followed Mark’s pointed finger, and he too saw the ghostly apparition. He swallowed hard as suddenly, ghostly apparitions of James, Tim, and Eddy appeared just behind her. Tim had a sword in his head, Eddy’s body seemed broken, with bones sticking from it, and twisted, and James’ head lay sideways, his neck broken like a twig. Their cold eyes glared down at Adam and Mark, as an eerie, dark voice whispered in the wind, Never Disturb The Dead.”

The two boys looked at each other with fright, and then back to the window, but the ghosts were gone.

“Aye!” Mark screamed and pointed at the window, but Adam grabbed his hand, forcing it to his side, and then pulled Mark against him. “Shhh, shhh, don’t tell. It wasn’t real. It wasn’t real. And even if it were, nobody will believe us.”

As Adam held Mark, they each looked at the body of James with his dead friends. “What happened to them?” Mark asked.

“The ghosts got them,” Adam answered shakily. “They must have done something to upset the ghosts. I think that’s why we’re still alive. Whatever they did, we didn’t, or else, we would be dead beside them.”

And then the dark, ominous voice danced through the wind once more. They disturbed the Dead.

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