Erebus Excerpt



“Caleb, you need to hurry up, it’s time to go,” Miranda called from the base of the long, spiral staircase.  “Mother and father are already waiting in the car.”

Caleb hated their monthly outings to the opera.  He never understood why his mother insisted on him going.  It did not matter how much he protested, she would always say how he must learn to enjoy the finer things in life if he did not want to disgrace his heritage.  She would go on endlessly how his family was of the elite class, and he should act accordingly.

If we are so elite, why does father drive us, instead of having a chauffeur? Caleb grumbled.

“I’m coming; I’ll be there in a moment.”  Caleb continued to struggle with his bowtie.  “I don’t see why I can’t just use a clip-on!”

He ran down the stairs to the front door when Miranda grabbed him by the arm.

“Hold on, you still don’t have this correct.  “You wouldn’t want Mother to have a fit, now would you?”

“Come on, it’s fine.  You know how Father doesn’t enjoy to be kept waiting; we better go.”  Caleb pulled away from her, as the sound of the car horn for the second time let them know to hurry.

“I do hope he’s not in a foul mood,” Miranda moaned at the idea of her father being angry with them for forcing him to wait.

Caleb rushed down the front porch steps with a sickening feeling wash over him at the sound of the car horn for the third time.

“You two really must try to be more punctual.  It’s quite rude to make someone wait while you play around.”  Charles did not condone tardiness, so to wait when everyone knew the schedule was unacceptable.

He put the car into drive; barely waiting as Caleb jumped into the back seat.  “This is our one family outing each month, son, so you would think you could manage to get dressed and ready on time.”

“Father, he had a difficult time with his tie; after all, he is only seven years old,” Miranda smiled at Caleb, who was trying his best to be invisible.  “Why can’t he just use a clip-on like the other boys?”

“Because a gentleman never wears one that’s why.  Maybe your father will practice with you tomorrow,” Elizabeth smiled at Caleb through the mirror on the visor.

She knew her son did not enjoy their outings to the opera, but someday he would appreciate the memories created by this special time spent with his family.

“I guess we can do that, son.”  Charles hated to be so strict with Caleb, but he knew it was for the best.

“Thank you father,” Caleb groaned while glaring through the rearview mirror.  He longed for the day when he was no longer forced to attend these foolish family outings.

“Smile little brother because tonight we will spend an enjoyable time together.  We are fortunate to have parents who want to include us.”  Miranda loved the opera and looked forward to each time they went.

Caleb never said a word.  He hated these outings, and as far as he was concerned, his parents could die a horrible death.

You will pay for how you have treated me today, Father.  On that, I promise, he said silently.

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