Hellavey Excerpt

newbreed 1700x2550As the beast flew over the town, something below caught its eye. It was a tall statue of a horse with its rider. The beast gave into its curiosity and flew down for a closer look.

Carved from the stone was a rider and horse posed in a full gallop. The rider was in medieval garments and represented with a drawn sword pointing outward. The cold expression on the rider’s face told the story of him cutting down his enemy as the horse galloped past.

While the beast stood there looking at the statute, it slowly retransformed back into a human man.

Jeremy found himself enthralled with the scene as it meant these humans had the past that resembled Carasylia’s present.

Interesting, Jeremy thought.

“Well, well, well, whada we got here, boys?”

Not moving, Jeremy sensed there were four humans closing in on him; one directly behind him, one to his left, and two on the right. Had he not heard their heartbeats with his keen hearing, he could track them by their stench. The scent of stale alcohol, cigarettes, and sweat was enough to make even Jeremy queasy.

“Ooh, he’s a mighty big fellow, Clyde.”

“The bigger, the better, Mike,” Clyde crowed.

Jeremy turned to see the approaching men. He said nothing but prepared for the fight he sensed would come.

Clyde, now standing directly in front of Jeremy pointed to one of the men. “Paul, get the man’s wallet, George, back him up.”

Paul placed his large duffel bag on the stony ground. He and George walked toward Jeremy, flashing knives. Jeremy frowned then looked at Clyde. “I’m giving you a chance. Leave now or you shall be the first to die.”

The men laughed at Jeremy’s threat.

“You’re the one surrounded, so you need to do as you’re told or die!” Clyde sneered as he reminded Jeremy of his circumstance.

Jeremy looked Clyde in the eye and chided, “Alright, but I warned you. You will be the first.”

When George and Paul got within an arm’s reach, Jeremy took each man by the neck, and smashed their heads together, dropping their limp bodies to the ground. Jeremy then jumped into the air and landed in front of Clyde. As their eyes met, Jeremy thrust his hand into Clyde’s chest, crushing his heart.

“UH! UH!”

Jeremy kept his eyes locked with Clyde’s as he whispered, “I warned you.”

Transforming into his beast form, Jeremy sunk his sharp fangs into Clyde’s neck, ripping open his throat. Blood and flesh exploded into his mouth, heightening his senses and prodding him.

As the gurgled cries filled its ears, the beast spat the remnants of bloodied flesh to the ground.

The beast ripped the still beating heart from Clyde’s chest and held it in his hand as it beat one last time.


Mike attacked the beast from behind and stabbed it multiple times while screaming and cursing.

The beast released a horrific growl as it turned to face Mike, dropping Clyde’s body. Then it raised a powerful claw and struck Mike across the face. The beast pulled Mike into its powerful grasp and twisted his neck with such force it ripped the flesh from the skull. Next, the Hellavey tore Mike’s chest and stomach open, allowing its contents to spill out on the ground. Once the beast was satisfied with the carnage to Mike, he dropped the lifeless body.

George and Paul stood in stunned silence. After watching what had happened to their friends, they began to run away.

The Hellavey flew after the fleeing men, reaching them in a matter of seconds.

Paul cried out in pain as he felt the talons of the creature penetrate his back, lifting him into the air. It then, knocked George to the ground, causing him to lose his breath and nearly lose consciousness.

Carried in the air toward the statute, Paul saw the instrument of his imminent demise; the sword of the statue rider. The beast impaled Paul on the sword as his head smashed against the statute.

Next, the beast returned its attention to George, who lay on the ground gasping for air. Grasping him by the neck, the beast returned to the statute where George’s friends lay dead. The Hellavey then threw George to the ground and pounced on him. It quickly sunk its fangs into George’s jugular vein and drained him of all his blood until he joined his friends in death.

The beast gathered the dead men and lined them in a row on the ground. With great care it ripped each body into smaller, manageable pieces, discarding the parts they would not consume into the lake. He next placed the pieces inside the large duffel bag left on the ground.

It was then he heard the faint groans from a human not far from his location. There appears to be another Earthling nearby.

Jeremy quietly returned to his human form, and crept through the park, until he found the one he tracked.

Shock took Jeremy by surprise at what he saw on the lake’s edge. There was a man leaning over the body of another man, drinking blood from the throat of his victim.

Agitation filled Jeremy as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. This creature was not a Hellavey, but similar in its desire for blood.

Sensing Jeremy’s presence, the creature turned and looked at him. As Jeremy glared at the dark figure, he knew he had just met a formidable enemy. With caution, both creatures flexed, and slowly moved toward each other with aggression, while sizing up the other. However, as the sun appeared on the horizon, the Earth creature broke the deadlock and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

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