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Best Selling Author Linda L Barton is the Founder of Deadly Reads and Deadly Reads Author Services. She is also the Host of Deadly Reads Radio, a weekly show on BlogTalkRadio.

Linda has published several books in the thriller/Suspense genre, beginning with her debut novel, Next Move, You’re Dead published March of 2011. She had such a good time with the villain, Erebus that she decided to continue and turn the dark, psychological thriller into a trilogy.

Writing dark and twisted stories are Linda’s passion, so nothing pleases her more than when she learns that one of her books has touched you, the reader on an emotional level. If you didn’t scream at the villain, cry, cringe, laugh, or cheer for the hero then she believes she has failed as a writer. A book should touch the reader’s soul, pull them into the story, and refuse to release them until the end. Therefore, Linda’s primary goal when writing is to immerse you, the reader in the story and hold you there until the very last page.

Next Move swag bag imageOne of the most exciting events Linda has had in her writing career was when her Next Move, You’re Dead Trilogy Bundle was included on the Kindle Fire e-readers in the 2013 Emmy Awards Show VIP Swag Bags.  Linda was very honored to be included in this giveaway to over 600 of the Hollywood elite in attendance.

However, writing dark stories can be quite draining, so Linda decided to branch out and add the genre of Children’s Books to her portfolio with the release of Sheriff Bunny and the Lucky Horseshoe under the pen name Nana Barton. This is the first installment of The Happy Farm Series where you will meet Farmer Bob and the barnyard animals, who will take you on a fun adventure of friendship and helping each other. Having 5 beautiful grandchildren herself, Linda is thrilled to finally have a book her grandchildren can read. She was also pleasantly surprised when one of her granddaughters informed her that when she grows up, she wants to write books like her Nana. Now that was a proud moment for Linda.

Linda has recently branched out with the release of her first YA Fantasy titled The Dragon’s Blood Key. It’s an exciting story that not only young readers will enjoy, but adults as well.

Linda lives in southeast Texas with her husband, Bob who is her writing muse, 2 silly dogs, and 2 crazy goldfish. Life is good and Linda feels blessed with the opportunity to do what she loves: writing books for readers to enjoy.

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