Next Move, You’re Dead – The Trilogy

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Homicide Detective John Cooper has always followed the evidence to solve any case; that is until a mysterious caller begins to make him question that evidence. With the murder cases he has been working on already solved, John wonders what the phone calls have to do with them. The evidence clearly proves the guilt of those involved, but the calls make him begin to question his findings, as well as himself – for the first time in his career.

With each move, John finds himself caught up in a strange game with an unknown opponent. The caller is always one-step ahead of John, and seems to know John better than he knows himself, but how? How can someone know every detail of a murder and not be involved, but more importantly, how can this chilling caller know everything about John? As John prepares himself to take on the challenge, he soon realizes that everything he has believed is no longer part of his new reality, but merely the next move in The Game.


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Erebus is back to play another game in the dark, psychological thriller, A New Game – Book 2 of the Next Move, You’re Dead Trilogy.  This time, Erebus has chosen Detective Lucinda Mackey; a tough-as-nails cop who never gives up until she solves her case. She has always lived by a certain code, but she never anticipated the mysterious caller who would force her to play in his game of life and death.  Will she survive this challenge from an unknown opponent, or will she surrender to the same fate as so many others have by playing in The Game?

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Erebus is back and ready to play another game in the final installment of the Next Move, You’re Dead Trilogy. However, this time he added a new twist. Erebus has kidnapped John, and it’s up to Mac and Tom to rescue him before time is up. Each move takes them closer to solving the mystery of Erebus, but will they succeed before they are all destroyed?  In books 1 & 2 you learned to hate Erebus. Now you will learn who he is, and why he plays his games.



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