The Moon People Excerpt


The Moon People


Have you ever heard of the Moon People? No? I hadn’t either. Then I met one. Yes, I really did meet someone from the moon. A real life Moon’lin. That’s what we call them, but I’m gettin’ ahead of myself. I guess I should start by tellin’ you who I am. I’m Jarrett Crenshaw, and I’m thirteen years-old now. I was ten when I met my first Moon’lin. I s’pose I will begin my story on the night my life was turned upside down and changed forever. Yeah, that’s where I’ll start.



Chapter One

Three years earlier

The cool, moonless night had begun with a gentle snowfall over the Smokey Mountains. However, within two hours, the gentleness gave way to a heavy downpour, forcing Thomas Crenshaw to turn his wiper blades on to clear the windshield.  Thomas had left their family cabin in the afternoon with his ten- year- old son, Garrett as the snow began.  Driving these roads was precarious in clear weather, but this sudden snowstorm made them near impossible to maneuver, and the situation put Thomas on edge. He had checked the weather report before leaving the cabin and had been assured by the weatherman the area would only receive a light dusting.

“How much longer do we have, Daddy?” Garrett withdrew his gaze from the screen and looked at his father.

Thomas peered at Garrett through the rear view mirror, smiling. “Not much longer. By the time you finish your movie, we’ll be there.”


“Did you have fun this weekend?”

Garrett shrugged his shoulders, “I guess so. I missed Jarrett, though.”

Thomas nodded, “I know; I missed him too, but he was sick. He’ll make the next trip to the cabin, okay?”


Thomas refocused on the road, while Garrett went back to watching the cartoon.




Thomas glanced at the center console and smiled when it displayed Millicent’s name and number on the screen. He tapped the phone icon on the steering wheel, answering the phone, “Hi, darlin’.”

“Hi, Tommy. Where are you?”

“We’re at Bear’s Crossing. How’s my sick boy doing?”

“He’s doing better; he’s asleep. How did Garrett make it this weekend? Did you both have fun?”

“Yes, we had a blast, though we did miss Jarrett, and you.”

“We missed you, too. I won’t keep you, but I wanted to let you know the weatherman says a blizzard is on its way.”

“I think it’s here,” Thomas clicked the wiper blades to a higher speed. “We’ll be there soon.”

“Okay, I love you, Thomas.”

“I love you too, Millie.”

Suddenly, a large wolf leaped from the woods, ran into the center of the road, and stopped.

Thomas grasped the stirring wheel and turned hard to the left, narrowly missing the large, unnatural looking creature.

“Daddy!” Garrett screamed out with fear.

“Hang on, Son!” Thomas fought to steer the vehicle. Images of his family flashed before him as he glanced at a terrified Garrett, and heard Millicent’s frantic voice yelling at him through the phone.

They swished on the ice, causing the SUV to swerve, sliding across the road.

“Ahhh!” Thomas and Garrett both screamed as their vehicle plummeted off the cliff.

“Daddy! I’m scared!”

“I’m here, Garrett! Daddy’s here!”

Garrett screamed bitterly as the car plunged downward into darkness. His head slammed into the side of the back door panel, causing his ears to ring.

He reached down and took hold of the locket swinging from the chain around his neck, and held to it tightly as he thought of his brother. Jarrett! I wish you were here!

Out of nowhere, a huge, bright light flooded the car. It seemed to Garrett that time had frozen as the vehicle stopped moving and hovered in the air. Orange flames ignited from somewhere inside the car, and Garrett screamed his father’s name between violent coughs. In the midst of the chaos, Garrett thought he heard comforting voices whispering to him, just before he succumbed to the smoke.

Beyond the bright light, a strong, yet compassionate voice rang out, “Come with me, Thomas.”

Thomas instinctively reached into the back seat, and pulled Garrett in his arms and obediently followed the familiar voice toward the light.

Once the vehicle slammed into the ground, it exploded into a ball of fire.