Next Move, You’re Dead

Chapter 1

The Goddess

He sat in the shadows, watching the soiled doves stroll toward each car with hunger burning in their eyes.  A chill filled the evening air, but one would never know by the scantily way they dressed.  Each took her turn, vying to be the chosen one.

He marveled how one found them desirable, with their unkempt and worn appearance.  Just the sight of them made his skin crawl.

The last time he had partaken of their company, he noticed a new one, fresh and pleasing to the eyes.  She was the one he had returned for tonight.

He disliked this part of the city with its dark and dirty streets.  However, this was where they offered of themselves to anyone willing to pay.  It amazed them how they gave of themselves; to present your body and soul without question was truly a rare gift.

Each time he returned to this place, they fought to be the one chosen.  He knew his car symbolized money; the one thing they craved, above all else.  Money bought the release from the agony they endured.  Therefore, each was willing to sell her soul for a temporary release from the pain.

It was all so simple.  He only needed to choose.  However, he had already made the choice for none matched her beauty with her skin the color of milk chocolate, and eyes of emerald green.

“Tonight, she will fulfill my fantasy.  Tonight, she will be my Goddess.”

When he had first laid eyes upon her, he was amazed how one so lovely would be in this dark and dirty place.  Even the cheap blond wig and tattered clothing could not hide her beauty.

She will be a delight; he thought gleefully.

He leaned back against the plush, leather headrest and closed his eyes.  “My dear, I await the moment when I may gaze into your beautiful, green eyes, and share our ultimate pleasure.”


The sound of an approaching car brought him back to awareness.  He held his breath and waited as it pulled up to the curb.

“Ah, there she is, splendid.”  He watched as the delicate beauty emerged from the car, amazed how she stirred such excitement within him.  “It’s time for us to meet, my Goddess.”

He started the car and slowly pulled to the curb where the group huddled under the awning for warmth.  He rolled down the passenger window and waited.

He watched as one sauntered over to his car, and then leaned in the open window.

“Do you want a date tonight, honey?  I can do anything you like.”

This one was old and worn.  She had dirty hair and tattered clothing that clung to her skeletal body.  She then smiled, showing rotting and broken teeth.

“No, thank you.  I wish to spend my time with the young beauty standing by the door.  Send her to me,” he said in a low, firm tone, so as not to betray his excitement.

“Her!  What do you want with her!  I can give you a better time than that little ho!”

A look of anger burned on her face at his cold rejection.  She knew if she did not make some money soon her ass was dead.  She leaned in closer, hoping to change his mind.  However, before she was able to speak again, he held up a dismissive hand.

“I’ve already told you what I want.  I require the goddess to fulfill my needs.  Now call her,” his voice remained flat and firm.

“Trina, get your ass over here!  This prick says he needs a damn goddess!”  She stepped away from the car, her anger now replaced with shame.

“Goddess, what is that crap about?  She ain’t no damn goddess!”  She said loud enough for the others to hear, and then she laughed to cover the pain of her rejection.

The beauty walked toward his car, turning her nose up at the others as she brushed passed them.  With each step, his desire grew as he anticipated their time together.

Trina smiled at their hate-filled glares, thrilled how things were changing for her.  No one would push her around again.  She was the one in demand now.

Trina reached the car when a shiver of excitement filled her body.  She leaned against the car, resting her hand on the door handle.  “Do you want a date tonight, honey?”

“Yes, I do, my dear; please, get in.”  He gestured toward the door as his heart beat with such intensity that he feared it would betray him.  I will enjoy this one above the others.

“Don’t you want the price?  We should be clear on that first,” she hesitated, unsure if to continue.

“My dear, price is no issue.  You’re worth whatever price you request.”  His desire for her burned at a dangerous level.

This statement brought the smile back to her lips.  “Great!  Let’s go have some fun; I’m all yours tonight.”

Her heart raced with excitement as she opened the door and slid in next to him.  “What’s your name, honey?”

“My dear, let us not spoil this beautiful night with names.  Tonight, you will be my Goddess, and I will worship your beauty.”

Trina did not care what game he wanted to play; money was money.  She smiled while resting her head against the plush leather seat.  “Okay honey, whatever you say.  We will play it any way you want.”

“Yes, my dear, it is my game, and I plan to have a splendid time.”  He looked at the side mirror and then pulled back out onto the street.

Perfect, all is going as planned.

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