Order B-Covers with text

When ordering a cover with the author name and title, you have two options.  If you like the font and placement on the sample cover, just let us know and we can do the same on your cover.  However, if you want a different font, color, and/or placement, we can do that for you as well. Go through the list of fonts and find what suits you best. Feel free to mix them up.  Any of these fonts can be used for the title or author name.  Also, if you saw a font you like on one of our other sample covers just let us know and we can adjust that for you.

Once you submit your order, you are allowed one free resubmission to correct any issues.  Any additional resubmissions will be $5 each. Our goal is to keep the prices low, so please take your time and carefully choose your font and color. Use the comment box on the order form to let the designer know everything you want; such as font numbers, color, placement on the cover, and anything else you may need.

Once your order is received, one of our designers will email you to let you know they will be working on your cover.  We strive to provide you with a cover you will be proud of in a timely manner.