We are always pleased to hear from our clients.

Bob Vince, Jr – Author of John’s Walk  (Editing, Formatting, and Cover Design)

Deadly Reads Was instrumental in helping me get my first e-book on Amazon. They answered all my questions and delivered a polished product that I am proud to have my name on. When I finished my story, I first turned to my writing groups on Facebook and it is there where I met Lisa Vandiver and Linda Barton of Deadly Reads.  They took the time to understand my vision for the book cover and walked me through step by step the process to get it on Amazon.  The finished project captured my intent and the editing was done with my budget in mind. Deadly Reads (in my opinion) is the best thing to happen for writers in a long time that listens to the writer and delivers the writer’s vision to them, and what makes this company even better is that they promote writers on their weekly blog radio station in order to help you gain an audience. Once your baby is done, Deadly Reads is the perfect nanny to nurture it to maturity. They gave me a product I was proud to put my name to.


Carrie VaughtAuthor of Twin Mischief  (Formatting)

Lisa Vandiver and Linda Barton of Deadly Reads did amazing work on my children’s book. Everything I asked they did. I highly recommend them for any type of work.




Marlene W. Potts – Author of Why are there Soooo Many Santa’s and Jasper, The Singing Mouse  (Illustration, Cover Design, Formatting)

Thanks to the incredible creative talent of Linda Barton, my first children’s book is a reality. I so love the drawings and the way she included the face of my granddaughter. Can’t wait to see the printed version of my book Jasper, the Singing Mouse!




George Kenyan – Author of The Light as a Feather; Heavy as a Mountain Series  (Editing, Formatting, and Cover Design)

I have known Linda for years before actually finishing my first book; in fact, she was one of the first to encourage (i.e., push) me into writing the story.  Throughout the writing of the ‘Light as a Feature; Heavy as a Mountain’ series she was very supportive and helpful.  Later, as my Editor, the Deadly Reads staff was very professional and did a very good edit.  The book covers they produced were very nice and in many ways told the story within the pages of each of the three books.  If you are considering writing a book or just looking for an editing service that provides a good value, I recommend you contacting Linda Barton, CEO of Deadly Reads.