Justina’s Awakening

Justina’s Awakening: Where She Belongs, The Saga-Book 1

When Justina arrived at Wranglers, one of the posh restaurants located inside the lodge, for dinner that evening, Matthew could not pull his eyes away from her wardrobe.  Her designer jeans fit her snugly.  The cream color blouse Justina wore had attractive pearl buttons down the front with ruffled sleeves.  The two buttons at the top were loose, and gave those looking a slight peek at her cleavage.

Matthew unconsciously licked his lips as she approached. “Are you enjoying the view?” Roger asked.

“I sure am,” Matthew replied with a bit too much zeal.

Everyone laughed at him as he downed a brisk drink while he watched her take the seat next to him.

“You look lovely this evening Justina,” Matthew whispered.  He watched Justina blush at his compliment.  She was beautiful when she blushed.  He had seen her do it several times during their conversations through the course of the weekend.  He wanted to pull her to him and kiss her deeply, “Ma’am did I leave you speechless?”  He spoke with a deliberate, playful southern accent, which caused Justina to laugh.

“Are you making fun of my southern accent, Mister?”

Matthew held his hand up as if to defend himself, “No ma’am, I wouldn’t do such a thing.”

They both laughed as they stared flirtatiously at one another.

Joyce leaned over and whispered to the others, “Do you think there might be romance blossoming there?”

Caroline shrugged, “One could only hope for Matthew.”

“Not our playboy,” Roger joked.

“Nope, I don’t see it happening anytime soon,” Jim agreed.

After dinner, some restaurant staff surrounded Roger and Joyce and began singing a short love melody. The server placed a cake onto the table that read: Congratulations Roger and Joyce on ten years!

Joyce opened the small box to reveal a necklace that held a picture of her and Roger on their wedding day. On the other side was a picture of their daughter when she was born.  Joyce declared, “I love it!  It is so beautiful, Roger, and you are so wonderful and thoughtful.”  Joyce had tears flowing down her face, as did Caroline and Justina.

Matthew and Jim were making funny faces and gestures to which only Roger could see.  Roger grinned as Joyce kissed and hugged him again.  He gave Matthew and Jim both thumbs up.

Joyce gave Roger a box containing an engraved pocket watch with his initials and pictures of her and Sammie on it.  “I love it, baby,” Roger kissed Joyce passionately as the others cheered and laughed.

After everyone enjoyed the cake, and a few more drinks, Roger and Joyce parted ways with the others.
Matthew asked Justina to take a stroll through the park with him, Caroline, and Jim.  He was pleasantly surprised she had accepted this invitation from him.  As they walked, everyone made small talk about the park.

“Look at how the moonlight is illuminating the park.  It’s so beautiful,” Justina said with awe.

Caroline replied with a smile, “The Park is full of lovely views.”

Matthew pointed to the sky, “I love to come here just to stargaze.  I could do it for hours.”

Justina answered him with delight, “Oh I love looking up at the star-filled sky too.”

Matthew was glad they had at least one thing in common.  He was curious to find out what else they might have in common.  He grinned, “It’s very relaxing for me.”

Jim put his arm around Caroline and snuggled with her, “Our favorite place to view the park is from the lake.”  He and Caroline shared an intimate stare.  Jim winked at her, and bowed low before Caroline.  “Milady, will you do the honor of taking a romantic boat ride with me?”

Caroline licked her lips playfully, and answered, “Why, yes, kind sir, I will.”

Jim turned to Justina and bowed low before her.  “Milady, I leave your charming company, but I leave you in good hands.”

Everyone laughed.

Matthew waved his arm at Jim and Caroline, “Have fun.”

“Yes, enjoy your evening,” Justina said.

Jim and Caroline waved at Justina and Matthew, and then walked away leaving them alone.

Matthew turned to Justina and held her gaze while holding out his arm to her.  “Shall we stroll further into the park?”

Justina nodded, “Yes, let’s continue.”  She pushed her hand through Matthew’s arm and the two walked.  They walked for a while without speaking, just staring up at the sky.  Justina stopped suddenly and pointed to the sky.  “Look there, a shooting star.”

“I see,” Matthew whispered. “It’s beautiful.”

After looking at the sky for some time, Matthew turned to Justina and stared at her for a long moment. “You are beautiful.”  He saw Justina trembling.  He gently pulled her into his arms and whispered, “I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to do.”  He slowly tilted her head and tenderly kissed her.  Her lips tasted as sweet as he had suspected and soft as silk. He was lost for a moment by their kiss. He sensed she enjoyed the kiss as much as he had from the murmurs escaping her trembling lips.

She then kissed his neck with a gentle passion that sent chills soaring through his body.

He really wanted to push his hand inside her blouse and feel her nipple, but knew he had to forbid such an act, and perhaps even stop this encounter for so many reasons.

“What’s wrong?” Justina asked between kisses.

“Nothing,” he raised her head, and kissed her lips again as he slowly caressed her neck, inching his way down, toward her blouse.  Just one touch, he thought.

Matthew gently kissed her upper chest area that was exposed and Justina moaned with undeniable pleasure.

“I just don’t want to hurt you or confuse you.”

Justina looked at him strangely.

“I’m trying to be a gentleman, believe it or not.  I just don’t want you to regret this in the morning.”

“I understand there are no strings attached.  I already have strings attached.”  Justina pulled back and gave him a weak smile.  “You sound like the one that might wake up tomorrow with regrets.”

“The only regret I’ll be having tomorrow is not finishing what we began tonight.” he gave her a wink. “I have a feeling we’ll get another chance darlin’.”

Justina gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and breathed deeply.  “I don’t think you and I will ever be in an intimate situation again, so let’s not dwell on it, okay?”

Matthew shrugged his shoulders as he kissed her lips.  “You can’t stop fate.  If it is meant to happen, then it will happen when you least expect it, but it has to be the right time.  Neither you nor I can determine when that will be, so we just need to relax and allow fate to set the course.”

Matthew saw Justina cock her head to one side and give him a bizarre look.

“You’re weird, but cute, so I’m going to allow you to walk me back to my room.”

Matthew laughed as he bowed to her.  “Thank you, madam, for the honor of your presence this evening.”

“You’re quite welcome, sir,” she answered softly.

“Ah, you do like me after all.  I told you that you would.”

“You’re all right for an arrogant playboy,” Justina quipped.

Matthew replied, “I am arrogant and I am a playboy, but I am a gentleman through the whole process,” he winked.

After he got her safely back to her room, he stood with her outside her door.  He could not keep his eyes off her.  “You are so beautiful and Nick is a lucky man.”  He slowly reached his hand out and gently stroked her face. He felt her trembling beneath his touch. Matthew whispered, “He doesn’t deserve you.  You should really reconsider this relationship thing with him.”

Matthew swooped in and possessed her lips.  When his lips touched hers, he had to give into the urge to deepen the kiss.  He heard her gasp, and knew she was experiencing the heat he had just experienced.  He pushed her against the door, wrapped his arms around her slender body, and pushed himself against her.  When he felt her arms go around his neck and heard her murmurs of pleasure, he immediately hardened.  He groaned with pleasure as the heated kiss lingered between them.  He wanted to push the door open, throw her onto the bed, and take her.  Instead, he gathered his strength and pulled away.

“I have to go.”

“I know,” Justina said in a raspy voice.

Matthew took the key from her and ushered her inside her room, but stopped just inside it.  “If I stay here long, I won’t leave at all.”

Matthew could see Justina struggling for the right words.  He smiled softly at her as he leaned in and kissed her cheek gently.  “Thanks for a lovely evening.  Try to get some sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.”  Not giving her a chance to reply, he turned and walked out of the room, fighting to restrain his passion.


Justina enjoyed the drive from the lodge to Ben Lawton’s home.  She parked her car next to Joyce’s car.  She watched with admiration as Roger opened Joyce’s door for her.  Justina walked over to Joyce and hugged her. “Did you two have a good time last night?” Justina saw their eyes twinkle as she asked the question.

“We took a romantic boat ride on the lake and drank some Champagne, and then we went back to our room.”

Justina held her hand up and laughed, “I can figure out the rest.”

Joyce quizzed Justina on her night as the three of them walked into the home and joined the others in the dining room.  “So, how was the rest of your night, after we left you?”

“It was a pleasant evening and we enjoyed a leisurely stroll.  Nothing special,” Justina whispered as she glanced over at Matthew and he had that sexy half-crooked grin.  She felt her face heating up.

“I can’t figure it out, tell me,” Jim chided Matthew, with a grin.  Caroline slapped Jim playfully on his arm.  “Caroline and I want to know what you two kids got into after we left you in the park, all alone.  Have you called a truce?  I hope you didn’t, because I was enjoying watching the sparring.”

Justina wondered if her face gave away the awkward feeling, she was experiencing inside her mind. She was grateful when Matthew answered Jim.  He looked to be in more control of his thoughts.  Her mind was still reeling from the incredibly hot kisses he had given her last night.  She had struggled to turn her mind off him last night after he left.  When she finally went to sleep, he invaded her dreams. Oh, what a lustful, sexual dream it had been, too.  She had awoken with her thighs trembling and her center wet.  Justina felt her center moistening even now, and her face warming at the memory his kiss and the dream she had of him.

“We walked back to the lodge where I said good night to Justina, and then I came home.”

“I was glad to get in, too, because I was so worn out,” Justina added.

Matthew shook his head and grinned slyly.  “So was I.”

Justina’s eyes widened, “I meant only I was tired after all of the activities I had involved myself in and…”  Justina decided she would be better off if she did not say anything else as the others burst with laughter.

Justina sat at the kid’s table during breakfast.  She tried to ignore Matthew’s stares, but it was very hard for her.  It was evident by the stares she now received; she was not hiding the lust she now experienced in every ounce of her body.


After spending some time in the girls’ playhouse as promised, Justina took a stroll through the grounds to take in more of the beautiful landscape.  When she walked through the driveway, Justina noticed the same green Corvette she had seen in the parking garage of Lawton’s Lodge.  She reached her hand out to touch it.

“Are you admiring my ‘Vette?” Matthew’s sexy voice tingled her ears and his breath tickled the back of her neck as he leaned in, whispering his question to her.

“I should have guessed this car belongs to you,” Justina whispered back as she turned to face him. He was so close to her and she felt her body tremble.

“Oh yeah, do you like a Corvette man?” Matthew asked her as he took another step toward her.

Justina backed up against the car.  She leaned her head to the side as she asked, “I’m not sure.  What exactly is a Corvette man?”

Matthew shrugged his shoulders, “I’m a Corvette man.  I have had a love affair with Corvettes all my life.  A Corvette man enjoys many kinds of love affairs.”  He pushed both his hands out and laid them on the car, affectively closing Justina in between them.

“You, uh, you just can’t stop yourself, can you?” Justina stammered nervously noticing there were mere inches now between them.  She stared up at him, feeling helplessly lost in his eyes.  They were boring into her.  His smirk told her he knew she was feeling amorous at that very moment.  He closed the gap between their bodies and Justina uncontrollably let out a whimper as their bodies touched.  She was shocked to feel his maleness tight and hard against his jeans.  She swallowed hard as he moved his mouth closer to hers.  When their lips connected, Justina’s mouth involuntarily opened, allowing his tongue to enter and connect with hers.  The kiss lingered and Justina felt her center moistening. She wrapped her arms around his neck without thought, “Hmm, Matthew.”

“I’m sorry.”  He suddenly broke the kiss and stared down at her with unmistakable passion, biting his lower lip.  “You’re right, I can’t help myself.” he slowly backed away from her.  He raised an eyebrow, “But I do own more than one.”

“You have another Corvette?”

“Yes, I do; three more in fact.”

“I just love their speed and I love the way they look.  I’ll have one, some day.”

“I suspect you can do anything, Justina, if you put your mind to it.”

Justina felt her face flushing, but managed a smile, “Thank you.”  Taking a deep breath, she walked past Matthew and pointed toward the house. “I really must say goodbye to everyone.”

Matthew pushed out his arm toward Justina, “May I walk in with you?”

“Yes, thank you,” Justina said, taking his arm.

They shared one lingering stare before entering the home together.

Upon entering the house, Joyce pulled Justina into a corner to have a quiet conversation, “I want to hear the real story of your evening with Mr. Kingston.”

Justina smiled at Joyce nervously as everyone entered the room.  Justina pulled some small boxes from a bag she carried.  She turned to Donna and said, “I stopped by the gift shop this morning and picked up a few gifts to show my appreciation for all the hospitality I was shown this weekend.”  She gave an assortment of perfumed bath oils to all of the women. They peeked into their bags, and thanked her.

Donna smiled as she, too, pulled a small box from behind her back.  “That was very nice, Justina, thank you.  We also got you a small gift, to say thank you for the hard work you do for our companies.”

Justina could not hide the smile that crept across her face as she opened the box.  It held a lovely broach with matching earrings.  Justina exclaimed with excitement, “Oh, they’re lovely, thank you all.  I really must get back to the city, but I’ve certainly enjoyed the weekend.”

“We’ve certainly enjoyed having you here,” Donna replied.  “Please, come back to the resort soon, and here, to our home.”

Justina walked out of the house and to her car.  Just as she was about to get into her car, she felt a hand touch her shoulder.  She turned to see Matthew staring at her.  He took hold of her hand.  Justina really wanted to feel his lips on hers again and his arms wrapped around her.  “Thank you for a lovely weekend,” Justina whispered.

“It was my pleasure,” Matthew answered as he moved his face closer to hers.  Instead of kissing her lips, he kissed her cheek.  He pulled back and waited for her to get into her car.

Justina got into her car and drove away with amorous thoughts and fond memories of Matthew Kingston. Her thoughts suddenly drifted to Nick and she felt guilty about last night, but should she?  After a year of dating, Justina and Nick had made no real commitment together.  She and Matthew had not made any plans to see each other again.  She shook her head as she exclaimed, “Oh, I have to get that man out of my mind.”  She turned the radio on and as the music played, she began feeling relaxed.

The weekend turned out to be exactly what it was supposed to be, a fun and relaxing time.  Justina definitely had experienced fun, but now she was going back to the city and back to her life.  That is exactly what she wanted.


Matthew watched Justina’s car pull away and he could still smell her perfume in the air.  His body quivered at the thought of this woman and the moments they had shared.  The memory of her kisses and her delicate, perfect little body trembling in his arms, from his touch, were still vivid in his mind.

“So let’s hear about what really happened last night after we left you and Justina,” Jim said as he approached Matthew.

“Where’d you come from?” Matthew asked, looking around.

Jim laughed, “I was packing the car and couldn’t help but overhear you and the lady talking.  Don’t tell me you just walked her to the lodge and said goodbye.  I’ve seen the stares you two have been giving each other.”

“You know I don’t kiss and tell,” Matthew stated somberly.

“But this situation is unique,” Jim whispered, looking around to make sure he and Matthew were alone.

“I just want to use some discretion with some of the things occurring or that might occur between us,” Matthew responded quietly.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Jim said with concern resounding in his voice.

“I do,” Matthew replied in a reassuring tone.

“An affair with Nick Cabaras’ girlfriend could be your last encounter with anyone,” Jim warned.

Matthew appreciated his friend’s concern.  “I know and I promise to be careful and not slip up.”

“What do you mean by slip up?  Do you mean slip up and fall in love? Oh, you mean you’ll be careful not to get caught,” Jim said sarcastically.

“I don’t intend on getting caught,” Matthew answered dryly.

Jim shook his head and whistled, “Justina is vibrant and appears to be a sweet fruit and one taste wouldn’t be enough.”

Matthew agreed with his friend’s analogy, “I can’t hide anything from you.  You have no idea just how sweet she is.”

Jim gave Matthew a suspicious look, “I know you like a book.  It’s obvious you are attracted to her.”

“We didn’t make love, but she gave me a night of pleasure I haven’t felt in a long time,” Matthew confided.

Jim frowned, “You’re forgetting the real purpose for attempting to get close to her.”

“No, no way am I hooked on a woman with whom I’ve had only one night of passion with.”

“She’s gotten to you man.  You can’t deny that.”

Jim was wrong with his accusations; Matthew had not lost his focus, he was just being cautious.  “I’m not losing my touch with women.”

Jim chuckled at Matthew as he mocked him, “Oh you have a touch that can’t be turned around on you, eh?”

“That’s right.  I’ve already told you, there’s not a woman out there that can catch me.”

“I know, you have a heart of stone and the speed of a tiger,” Jim mocked him again.

Matthew threw his hands up at him in surrender, “All right, I give up Jim.  I can see I can’t make you believe I’m too tough to tame.”

Jim patted Matthew on his back as Caroline approached them.  “I’m not the one that needs convincing.  Justina Lindsey affected you.”

Matthew scoffed at his friends’ mockery and they both laughed.  Matthew could not lie to himself; she had left quite an impression on him with her kisses and he wanted more.

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