Where She Belongs-The Saga

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Justina Lindsey must find her way alone after her Aunt Elizabeth is murdered and she inherits the successful advertising business. She soon finds comfort in the arms of charming Nick Cabara who has ties with the mafia but when a handsome attorney enters her life, she is challenged on matters of her heart. Justina is set on a collision course with destiny and her life will be forever changed when she is put to a moral test.
Will her choice in lovers and secrets both known and unknown to her begin unraveling destroy her or will she survive with the knowledge that she has found the place Where She Belongs?

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Book Two is the conclusion to Justina’s story. Will she and Matthew reunite or will she reunite with Nick? Find out who her stalker is and what his intentions are for her in this exciting conclusion. Keep an eye on the three families that will be affected by what happens to Justina; the Kingston’s, the Lawton’s, and the Cabara’s.





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Where She Belongs Book One and Two together in one bundle.
Justina Lindsey must find her way alone after the woman who took her in and cared for her is murdered, and she soon finds herself involved with sexy, bad boy, Nick Cabara who has ties to the dark world of the mafia. Then the handsome attorney, Matthew Kingston enters her life, causing the secrets she has kept hidden to begin weighing heavily on her.