The love of reading begins in childhood – Join us as we chat with 2 talented Authors of Children’s Books

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We all remember our favorite book as a child. How we would escape into the wonderful world hidden within each page. Nurturing a love of reading is an important part in the development of each child by allowing them the same happy memories we all enjoyed. With all the electronic devices available to children today, nothing will stimulate their imaginations more than a simple book full of adventures and interesting characters.

We are pleased to have Children’s Authors, Carol Hovsepian and Carrie Vaught joining us on Journey into the Night tomorrow evening. We will be discussing the process of creating the books children love, and how important it is to teach our children the importance of reading.

12191644_517476265087700_537165305487898669_nCarol Hovsepian is a film producer and screenwriter at her company, La Moog Productions, Inc. As a former English professor in secondary and university levels, she still enjoys teaching her award-winning Visual Writing program using movies to help kids dramatically improve writing with visual language that will always stick in the minds of the readers. Carol loves traveling the world with her husband and her beagle, Lola Bea, gathering tidbits for writing adventurous, helpful books for kids.

THE POET AND THE PAINTER is Carol’s first illustrated children’s book. THE POET, THE PAINTER AND THE ENTOMOLOGIST is the second book in The Poet and The Painter series. You can find out more about Carol’s books at Amazon. 

Carrie Vaught loves writing new adventures and escaping into her own many worlds.  She is currently working on other stories for the readers to enjoy, so look for future stories from Carrie. Also, Carrie enjoys Beta Reading and helping other authors with her valuable input.  When Carrie is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her prince and princesses, being a housewife and reading during her quiet time. You can find out more about Carries’ Book, Twin Mischief at Amazon.

We hope you will join us this Thursday night, November 12, 2015, at 10:00 pm CST and we also invite you to call in and ask these talented ladies questions or just say hello. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you! Call in – (646) 668-2716

Use this link to listen as we chat with Carol and Carrie – The Love of Reading Begins in Childhood

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