Spring at Deadly Reads

spring flowersSpring has arrived at Deadly Reads, and with its arrival, we have lots of things going on.
Author Lisa Vandiver will release a new book in her New Breed Series, Linda Barton is working on her second book in the Dragon’s Blood Key Series, and together, they are involved in an editing project.


12933127_572395122929147_4947739867852435328_nIn addition to their writing projects, they are also busy with the Deadly Reads Radio BlogTalk show, Journey Into The Night. You can listen to them interview guests involved in the Book Publishing, Movie, and Music Entertainment Industries on Thursday nights. The new time for the shows will be 9:00 pm CST unless otherwise announced.



This week’s show with Mike Pettit will be on at 8pm CST. We are so excited to have Mike back on Deadly Reads Radio. Mike refers to himself as Author, Writer, Novelist, Scribe, whatever. His alter egos, John Locke, Jack Marsh, Damian Wolf, Kimo Kanoa, and their pals live in his head 24/7, non-stop. They are like tracer rounds ricocheting around in his brain. He will say there are others like him out in the cyber world going through the same thing, but we here at Deadly Reads Radio consider Mike a rare jewel to be treasured. So join us on Deadly Reads Radio this Thursday night with Mike at 8 pm CST. Show link

In addition to all of the things  Linda and Lisa do, they are also active on social media.

On Facebook, you can find the Official Deadly Reads Page and the new group,  The Story Chest.


Inside the ‘Chest’, you can connect with fellow writers and get into lively conversations with them. We encourage writers to connect with readers and discuss the genres that you love. We also welcome Authors to promote their books with book trailers they’ve made. The list for Authors to share their genre each day are listed below:

Monday- Fantasy and Horror
Saturday-Mystery and Thriller

Deadly Reads Twitter is active as well, and we would love to connect with you there.

As for Authors Linda L.Barton and Lisa Vandiver, here are their individual links to each of their social sites:

Linda:   Twitter   Facebook   FREE STORIES   Amazon   The Ramblings of a Writer

Lisa:   Twitter   Facebook   Amazon   FREE STORIES   Lisa’s Place

We hope that you will join us for an entertaining month on the radio show, our social sites, and we appreciate it if you like us, to please share our pages and our radio show with your friends. From the heart of Deadly Reads, we wish you a fantastic Spring.


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