A Premiere Show with Autumn L. Brown


We are fortunate and thrilled to have Autumn L. Brown from Premiere Book Agency joining us on Thursday night, July 14, 2016, at 9 pm Central Time. Autumn will speak about the performers Premiere Booking Agency has under their care, and how the Booking agency works. You may listen to the show, and call in to (646) 668-2716 to speak with and ask a question to Autumn concerning the agency and its performers. You may listen to the show here. goo.gl/z6TFSb

Autumn Brown has been in the music business for twenty plus years.   Autumn is a  mentor,  sports enthusiast. Lover of music, movies, quotes, and also a screenwriter who had aspirations of being either a Forensic Psychologist, or a journalist, but as it turns out, Music took the controls.
In Autumn’s words:  I am someone that prides myself on having integrity. Have I made mistakes in life? Absolutely. Will I make mistakes in the future? A certainty, because no one is perfect. Do I make a concerted effort to be the best person that I can be? Absolutely? Will I give my clients 110%? Yes.I own Brown Talent Agency, and Brown Talent Management, as well as Premiere Booking Agency, and Music Bank Booking. Brown Talent Management is associated with Brown Talent Agency. The distinction, between the two is, BTM manages clients, and BTA books talent. Autumn is now an Artist Management, Concert Promotions, and Entertainment Booking.
Autumn is also a screenwriter who had aspirations of being either a Forensic Psychologist, or a journalist.
Premiere Booking Agency is based in Los Angeles-Santa Monica, CA. The Premiere Booking Agency established in 2009, and was on a company hiatus for several years, but is now back in business. The company had the pleasure of booking a long list of notable artists like Kelly Rowland, Ginuwine, Miki Howard, Shanice, Too Short, Lil Kim, Adina Howard and various other notable talent. Premiere Booking Agency is now booking all genres of music, as well as actors, models, athletes, celebrities, and reality stars.
PBA is booking music artist, bands and groups for live performances, concerts, and special events. The booking has expanded to other fields of the entertainment industry by booking for special events, hosting, and guest appearances. Most of the events are parties, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, holiday parties, bar Mitzvahs, and events, after parties.
The inception of Brown Talent Agency came about due submissions from Non-Music Artist to join Premiere Booking Agency. I would get comedians, actors, and models, and I would always have to give the same speech. PBA is predominantly a music booking agency for major recording artist. Now I have an opportunity to discover hidden talent of all genres. It is going to be great to say, “yes’ to talent that is not only in the music category, but in other categories of talent.

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