Oops….show change

for video and showWell, it’s never a dull moment at Deadly Reads Radio. Earlier, we had posted about DeWayne Cox joining us tonight, but that’s all changed. We’ve ended up doing the Big Switch-a-Roo. DeWayne had something come up and wanted to do his show at a later date. Then our guest for next week said he couldn’t do his show then and wanted to reschedule. But it’s all worked out for the best for our guests. So, tonight we have Bruce Guynn joining us and next week we will have DeWayne Cox on the show.
We hope you’ll join us at 9 pm central (10 eastern, 8 mountain or 7 pacific) as we spend an hour with Singer/Songwriter Bruce Guynn. Use this link to listen – https://goo.gl/HHqFcy

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