Inspirational Author Vince Guaglione

We had a moving show with Vince Guaglione. He is a guy who asks lots of questions, not only of himself, but also of his society and the world around him. Although he claims he’s found no real answers, that hasn’t stopped him in his quest to gain perspective on a little something we call life. The untimely passing of his significant other in early 2012 set him on a two year journey of grieving and coping; one littered with many unexpected emotional roadblocks. As someone who enjoyed writing and keeping a journal in his formative years, he decided to dust off the old notebooks and re-engage in the practice of journal writing in order to help collect his thoughts and cope with his loss.

As he worked through the process, he decided to self-publish his journal entries in compilations. Thus was born The Narratives series of books.

With decades of journal writing under his belt, he compiled his knowledge of the practice in a short work, titled “From Thoughts To Written Words: Learn To Journal From The Soul.” This handy reference guide dives into the world of journal writing, and provides insight and guidance for anyone who wants to learn how to journal.

To see Vince’s full bio, you may visit his website and to take a look at his books, please visit his Amazon page.

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