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Bestselling Indie Author Mike Pettit returns to Deadly Reads Radio for an evening of informative and lively conversation. We are always thrilled when Mike drops by for a visit on Deadly Reads Radio.  He is a wealth of information about the Indie Publishing World with his tips on branding and marketing.

Mike is also a Bestselling Author of over 30 exciting action-packed crime novels, as well as books in the western genre and true life stories.

Mike’s show is now live on YouTube for your listening enjoyment.


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Death. Is it the end or merely a new beginning?
From a child, Shane felt as though at one time he had been someone else. His dreams haunted him with the memories of a different life and his death. Is there more than this life? Do our souls move on, or does our life-force cease to exist?
Sometimes in this life, our souls touch another, and we find ourselves helplessly drawn to them. This is a special gift, not to be denied. This is Heart Ties.

Deadly Reads Author Services

Deadly Reads Author Services offer a full range of services from editing, formatting, proofreading, and now we are adding book cover designs to our pallet as well.

Below are some examples of our pre-made covers, but you may see all of the covers we have to offer here.

Contact Deadly Reads Author Services for more information on all of our services.

In other Deadly Reads news, we has new email contacts to better serve you.

For those of you in need of editing, proofreading, cover design, illustration for children’s books, formatting, or just have any questions concerning this subject, you can now reach us at

We are also excited to announce that we will soon resume our Deadly Reads Radio shows. So, if you are in the publishing or entertainment industries ( Writing, Music, TV, and Movies, etc) and interested in being a guest on one of our upcoming podcasts on the Deadly Reads Youtube channel, send our Coordinating Producer, Lisa Vandiver a message at

We look forward to assisting you in any we can. Thank you.

Get a great custom ebook cover

A while back we blogged that we were working on Premade ebooks covers to offer for sale on the Deadly Reads website.  Well, after HOURS and HOURS of work, we are excited to announce we have several great looking ebook covers available for several genres.

So, if you are an Indie Author, looking for the perfect cover to showcase your masterpiece novel, drop by and take a look.  We will also be adding more covers on a regular basis.  Our goal is to provide a quality cover that doesn’t break your budget.  We also do custom covers.

Great Things are Happening at Deadly Reads

We have some exciting things happening at Deadly Reads. The last few weeks we’ve been working hard on creating Pre-Made ebook covers to offer for sale on in our Author Services area. These will be for the Indie Authors who want a great cover for a bargain price. As Indie Authors, ourselves, we understand how expensive it can be to get a quality cover. Of course, we will be offering custom made covers as well.
Also, we’ve had requests to resume our Deadly Reads Radio shows. After leaving Blog Talk Radio, we had decided to take a break before resuming the show as a YouTube Podcast on our Deadly Reads YouTube Channel. Doing the shows was a true joy, and we look forward to spending some time with the wonderful guests wanting to join us on our new adventure in Podcasting.  We will let you know when our first show is available.
If you want to listen to our past shows, you can find them HERE. 

Meet Actor John Quinlan

We have had the privilege  of interviewing Actor John Quinlan via Deadly Reads radio show. John has had a phenomenal career in body building,  professional wrestling, fitness and art model, as well as gracing romance novel covers.  You can see John’s complete bio at his IMDb.   

Movie Intro:
An Army medic struggles to learn how to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and assimilate back into society after she has been sexually assaulted by her commanding officer.

John is  an amazingly nice guy with a big heart. However, in his first movie,  A Sense of Purpose:  Fighting for Our Lives, he’s deviously cold Army Captain Jake Nixon who torments a female officer under his command. You can learn more about John’s character and the movie at ASOP’s IMDb

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for John and his career.

Best of luck, John.





And All the World Will Know


We are proud to present to our readers a treat from Author Stephen Thorn. Stephen is an American writer of Horror, Poetry, Science Fiction, and Erotica. Stephen says some of his favorite authors that influenced him were Stephen King, Richard Matheson, and Robert W. Service. To learn more about Stephen, please visit his official site.

final cover

In the gulf between the stars a behemoth mining ship sails towards home, but they are detoured to an alien world.  There they discover a being, last survivor of his race, who reveals to them a dark, monstrous secret that will change them for the rest of their lives.

We hope you enjoy Stephen’s offering to you. If you enjoy his story, please read more from Stephen at the following links.

“A Short Conversation” in Weird Western Tales (Vol. One)

“The Unwelcome Kind of Tenants” in Shadow Tales (Vol. One)

“Case #24174K” in Asylum of the Ancient Ones

Out Of My Head

NEW LOGO 1I am pleased to let you know that our next offering to you in our Deadly Reads Daily Reads will be a book of poems by Author Lisa Vandiver. This short book of poems contain four poems Lisa wrote as a young teen. She wrote My LifeSong in 2011 which was published in eFiction Magazine that same year.

To access the stories, simply select the Deadly Reads Daily Series tab above this post and then select the story or poem you want to read. We sincerely hope you enjoy the stories and poems offered from us. As always, let us know how we’re doing by leaving us a note. Thanks, and have a great day from Deadly Reads.




Introducing Deadly Reads Daily Series

NEW LOGO 1Hello, we’re pleased that you’ve dropped by today to see what’s new at Deadly Reads, and we do have something new for you. It is the latest page we’ve added and we think you’ll enjoy it. So, without further delay, I’m proud to introduce to you Deadly Reads Daily Series.

We will begin posting stories for you under the Daily Series page tab at the top. It may be a full-length novel or it may be a short story, but each day a new chapter will be introduced.

The first offering we’re introducing to you is from Lisa Vandiver, and it is a short seven chapters. It is a YA Horror story. The chief characters, Mark, Adam, James, Timmy, and Eddy decide to explore a graveyard on Halloween night. 17198339_10206680435848930_1116662851_n

So, sit back and enjoy Disturbing The Dead. Oh, you might want to read with the lights on.


NEW LOGO 1  Success means different things to people. I’ve always regarded it as wealth, popularity and high positions in one’s field of work. But, is that the sole definition of Success? Doesn’t it flow deeper than one’s career? I think Success within the family is also something we all strive for as well. After all, we all want to provide for our families, raise mature, responsible children. If our children grow up into those things, then we’ve succeeded. Yes? Of course.

Today, as I reflect on the successes in my life, I see more successes than failures. No, I’m not wealthy, popular in my career as an Author. I hardly call it a career in fact, yet, I still boldly state, I’m successful as a writer and an author. How can I say that you may ask, since I’m not currently on the Best Seller’s List, or receiving a substantial income from the stories I write? My answer is quite simple. My daughter enjoys the stories I’ve written that I allow her to read. She enjoys the stories. I am currently sitting with her and reading to her from one of my stories, and she is immersed in the story and with the characters. When I ask her why she enjoys me reading my book to her, she smiles and says, “I like the way you pretend to be each character.” I was blown away by her compliment. Therefore, I count myself as successful. Other than my daughter, I do have a few other fans, and they seem to enjoy my story as well. No, they are not family members, but people whom I’ve never met, that say they like my books. I call that success. I love and cherish every reader that I have, and they are precious to me. Therefore, I call that success. Yes, of course, I’d like to be a best seller, with all of my books flying off the bookstore shelves, but as of this time, that is not happening. It is easy to become discouraged about the lack of readers. Let me not discount the readers that do enjoy my books, and look forward to the next installments. Thank you to the readers that follow me and are faithful to me. Thank you. I continue to write because of your encouraging words to me, and I’ll continue to write my stories for one fan, or for a million fans. It is what I do, and I count myself as successful.♥

PS: We’d count ourselves ‘Successful’ today, if you check the rest of our site out while you’re here. 🙂 Have a great Monday and a fabulous week. Thank you for coming by, and we hope to see you here again. Please feel free to leave comments or questions.