Hellavey – Book 2 of the New Breed Series

10624733_10201556651237517_581078405820527308_nIn Mystic Mist, we witnessed the Hellavey’s arrival in the New England forest and their fights with Erich Keenton and Iseabail Craighe.
In Hellavey, we will witness them as they settle into their nest. As the small clan of Hellavey settles in, their warriors will venture out, exploring the territory all the way into the unsuspecting town of Tonospon.
In this story, we will see humanity at its best and worse as the humans face circumstances out of their control. We will be introduced to alien creatures that make the human vampire. Quintus Blandius Renatus look like a mere child. We will thrust into an adventure with two Detectives that have become involved with a case unlike any other. What happens when these detectives, the vampire, the Hellavey, and humans meet? Find out in this Fantasy Horror story that is full of marvelous creatures thought only as fictional characters, but come out vividly alive.

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