Josie’s Thorn


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Josephinea McCrea returns to her Utah family ranch after her parents are killed in a plane crash and her brother injured in a mountain climbing accident, leaving him in a coma.

Upon arriving at the ranch, she is met with adversity in the form of sabotage, possible financial distress, and customers wanting to end their contracts because she’s now in charge.
She finds an ally in Jacob Rainthorn, her former teenage lover, but as the mystery develops, so does their passion for one another. Can they find love together once again or will the secrets they each hold from the other cause even more pain than they are able to handle?
Is Jacob Rainthorn to be her destined lover or forever a thorn in her heart?
Find out in this mystery romance that is filled with suspense, drama, danger, and passion for the reader who loves all of these beautiful things wrapped up in one energetic and enticing novel.

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