The Heart is Deceitful

The heart is deceitful, hateful, and betrays; I once listened to my

heart but never again I say!

The heart makes you weak, vulnerable to others

The heart sets a trap

for you into the arms of foul lovers

The heart tells you to trust, give, and care

but when it’s shattered, it’s in need of repair

you see

The heart really is its own real enemy

Each time it breaks

 the pieces never

fit quite the same way

a piece is missing

a piece is chipped,

a piece is cracked

Once your heart is broken

you can never get the pieces back

I choose to be not so naïve

I choose to listen to my mind

Not to my heart

I won’t be so trusting

nor too kind

It’s time for me to think before

I act

I feel

I give

It’s time for me to grab life and seek self-worth

break the’listen to your heart’ curse

Make goals, dreams

without the heart in control

I’m sure to find a treasure shall be