Justina’s Love Revealed

Justina’s Love Revealed: Where She Belongs, The Saga-Book 2

Chapter 1

Matthew Kingston sat in his chair staring out his office window while thinking of Justina Lindsey.  It had been two weeks since he had last seen her, two depressing weeks.  To keep Justina off his mind, he kept busy with work.  He decided it was time to move on, and Linda Jones had proved to be the perfect distraction he needed.  Tonight, however, he made plans with the Spanish beauty, Jennifer Gomez.
He had been trying to track down more information on Michael’s involvement with the Cabaras.  It always came back to the same thing.  Michael sold illegal artifacts for Robert Cabara.  Matthew had not been able to track down witnesses willing to swear to the fore-mentioned incidents, but he had to admit he was somewhat glad about that.  At least it would keep his brother out of prison a while longer.
When the office door opened, Matthew pushed his anxious thoughts away and nodded toward Jim and Roger as they entered.
“Good morning,” chirped Jim in his usual cheerful voice.
Roger piped in, “It’s a beautiful day, today, Mattie.  Beautiful day!”
Matthew chuckled at his friends who waved at him as they made their way to the coffee pot.
After some discussion over Michael, the three agreed there just was not enough evidence to bring Michael in for a conversation – not yet, and certainly not enough to use against the Cabaras now.
“Gerald is keeping an eye out for Max,” Matthew noted with disgust.  “The little we know about Max is from Johnson, who’d never even met him.”  He turned to Roger.  “Rog, how is it going with Charlie’s codes?”
Roger shot the others a grim look.  “We’ve not been able to decipher Charlie’s code in his notebook, but we’ll keep at it until we get it – or until Charlie wakes up.”
Jim frowned, “Something will turn up for the good in this, just wait, and see, but right now, I’m hungry.”
Roger waved his hand at Jim and chuckled, “You’re always hungry, man.”
Matthew nodded, “Yep, Jim’s stomach is a regular alarm clock.”
Jim shook his head as he grabbed his suit coat.  “Yeah, yeah, but it’s my turn to treat, so you two just stick here if you want to, but I’m going to the towers.”
“Oh, well, since you’re paying, of course, I’m going.”  Roger hurried toward the door.
“Count me in,” Matthew agreed as his cell phone rang. “It’s Fred,” he answered the call and listened intently.
After Matthew had ended the call, he turned to his friends and grinned cheerfully.  “Charlie’s awake.”
Jim and Roger gave out shouts of elated joy.
“His wife, Sherry was with him.  When she felt him squeeze her hand, she shrieked.  The guard rushed into the room to find him awake and in an embrace with Sherry.”
Roger grinned at Jim and Matthew, “Can you imagine how Cabara will react when he sees Charlie?”
Jim agreed, “I can’t wait to see his expression.”
Matthew held his hand up, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, now.  The prosecution might not use Charlie in this trial.”
Silence fell over the room.
Matthew saw the disappointment in their eyes and frowned. “Charlie has nothing to do with Elizabeth.  There is no connection at all between him, Elizabeth and Cabara.  I think its best Cabara doesn’t know Charlie’s alive.”
Roger raised an eyebrow, “You’re right, but I know of someone who does have a connection with Elizabeth.”
Jim and Matthew gave each other quizzical looks at Roger’s words and listened intently.
“It’s time to play your ace card, Jim.”
“Roger’s right, Jim, but we need to do it at just the right moment and not in haste.”
Jim nodded, “Yeah, I think you’re both right.”
“I’ll call Monty now,” Matthew pulled his cell phone from its case.  After finishing a quick conversation with Monty, Matthew filled them in. “We have a meeting with Monty after lunch.”
The men exited the office without further conversation.
Matthew could not stop thinking of Justina.  He had a feeling the next day would be a tough day for her.

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